Monday, November 4, 2013

A New Normal?!

Hello my crafty friends, just wanted to give you an update and let you know what all is happening. Hubby and I met with the oncologist and we have a chemo plan that will take action next Monday. Tomorrow hubby meets back with his surgeon to get a port place in his chest on Friday. After that port is in then he goes and gets his first chemo treatment. It will take 4-5 hours each time he goes. After getting his treatment they will hook him up to a pump that will delivery meds for 48 hours. He will do this every other week for 6 months and then we will see where we go from there. He is in great spirits, not so sure he is ready to do this, but still great spirits just the same. So as we find our new "normal" around here, I hope to soon be back to some light crafting. As long as chemo goes well for him that is. There might be some tweaking going on and then again there might not be any. We will see. So hang in there my crafty followers, I hope to be back soon!! Crafty hugs, Brenda


Susan Edwards said...

Brenda, this may be the new normal, but you just hang in there!! So many people are praying for you both and sending such positive thoughts and energy your way. You guys can handle this!!

~ Jo ~ said...

Thank you sis for giving us the update... Dwayne is in great spirits because he has a great woman looking after him =)
Keep us posted and know that ya'll are in my prayers and thoughts always. *Hugs*

Vickie said...

We'll be right here when and if you need us. Prayers cont everyday.

Huggggggggggggssssssssss My dear friend.

Stacy said...

I will add you and your hubby to my prayer list, hoping all will go well
Many hugs

ScrappyHorses said...


Thinking of you today, so I came over to your blog to check on your status. Happy to hear Dwayne is in good spirits! I'm sure he is concerned about the fields and such since this is harvest time. I'm sure you have that covered, but I know how the farm men are!

Remember to take some time for yourself to rest and rejuvenate! All your crafty friends are sending you lots of prayers, good wishes and hugs!


Lysa said...

Hi Brenda,
Checking in to see how it's going. Sending best thoughts for smooth Chemo. Even if there is "tweaking" just keep moving forward. Focus on the Hubs spirits. The holidays are around the corner, use that to keep his spirits up! Watch the port for infection. They can cause problems but if you keep a close eye on them it is not an issue. Just keep on keep'n on we are all sending prayers your way. Blessings to him, stay strong! and keep us posted,

MaryH said...

Thanks so much for the update. Glad that things are moving along, and Hubby is mending well. Sounds like your oncologist has a good plan & pray that all meds will be tolerated well. You hang in there. Lots of prayers being said for ya'll. Hugs & TFS

The Queen (Laura) said...

You and your husband are still in my prayers. I hope everything goes well. Don't worry, I will be here. Family first.
Lots of Hugs,