Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A Card and Mugs

Hello my crafty friends, I hope you all are doing well and staying cool. We had a few beautiful, low temps/humidity days, but that has come to an end and now we are back to hot and humid. I will take it for now, will enjoy the pool a bit longer before closing it up. 

I have a little simple Father's day card that I cut using my Cricut Joy. The design was already in the design studio so I just cut it out of papers I thought would look nice. Gave them out to the guys in my life that are father's. 

I also made mugs for the dad's with HTV vinyl. I also decided since I had made a mug for my son, that I'd better make on for my DIL as I didn't make one for her for Mother's day. Didn't occur to me to make them until Father's day. So made one for her as well. Once again, I just used a file that was in my design studio and using my easy press mini to iron it on. 

I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop in and visit with me. I hope you enjoyed stopping by! As always your comments are like rays of sunshine in my life and I appreciate that you take the time to leave one. I pray you are keeping safe and those in CA my prayers are with all involved with these fires and the people in the communities effected by these awful fires. My prayers are also with people in the way of their hurricanes, such ruff times right now besides having to deal with COVID too! So prayers going up to all.

Crafty Hugs,

Card Recipe:
Cricut Design Space
Cricut Easy Press Mini
Siser HTV (heat transfer vinyl)

Monday, August 10, 2020

A Few Cards-Lori Whitlock files (warning long post and pic heavy!)

Hello my crafty friends, I hope you all are doing well. I'm back from my trip, got back two weeks ago. Had to rest and recouped as I did get sick while I was gone. Nothing to serious, but the Lupus reared it's ugly head. More on the trip later though with some photo's. I did have a great time with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews. 

Now I see what everyone is complaining about with Blogger! Please bare with me while I figure all this out. It is very slow as I am. lol I have a few cards to share with you that I cut on my Cricut Joy. They were fun to cut and fold and I love how they turned out.  I have more designs that I haven't cut as of yet but will share when I do.  

This one I stamped the sentiment on using a drop shadow as well. 

        This one my Cricut Joy wrote the sentiment on for me.

                           This is one I stamped the sentiment on as well as the last card.  

A few photo's from my trip to the Outer Banks. We had a great time and wore our mask when we headed out or to the grocery store. Not much was open, we we did get to the lighthouse, although you couldn't climb it because of Covid. But the State Park person was there to answer questions and tell us about the lighthouse. It was moved a quarter of a mile to it's currant location, which I thought was interesting. I would imagine it was a s-l-o-w move being it's so tall! It is still in use today as well. We did hit a little craft festive that was outside. Wearing our masks of course. We were in and out pretty quickly too. 

So on our first day, we got to the Outer Banks around 11:30 am. We left at 4 am. All was good, got a sandwich since we didn't really eat anything but a granola bar, the boys ate all kinds of snack though. Just like boys. lol Then we decided to go to the beach afterwards because the house wouldn't be done until around 6 pm since they had to disinfect per Covid rules. Started through the dune and oh my gosh, the sand was HOT!!! So hot, that it burned blisters on my toes, now I did have flip flops on, but the sand got on the flip flops thus burning my toes. I had to keep stopping and shaking the sand off because it was so painful. Got out of the dunes and stopped to rest, was feeling sick as well as being really over heated. I asked my SIL if my nephew could wet a towel so I could put around my neck and of course he did. But before he got it to me, I lost my sandwich. How embarrassing! But a nice lady saw it and brought me over a sugar drink, reaching it out to my SIL who the handed to me. My brother came up after getting our area set up and helped me the rest of the way to my chair. Then the same lady sent waters over too. So sweet of her!!! Anyway, was good after that! Enjoyed the rest of the day on the beach. When we left the sand wasn't hot. So back to the house we went. My SIL sprayed all the highly touched areas down with disinfect as well. Then made the beds, she wanted to make mine too, but we compromised with me helping. Next day we went out and got water shoes so mine and my youngest nephew's toes didn't get blistered anymore! lol He was young and would run across the sand, I could barely wade through the thick sand in the heat at a snail's pace! Then later in the week, my Lupus reared it's ugly head and I got sick, same as I did a few years back when I passed out in the bathroom. I didn't pass out this time, but my SIL saw me change as I was sitting eating my breakfast. I went to lay down for a while when all heck broke loss. I was in the bathroom for a long time, sent them down to the beach to enjoy the day and I stayed behind. My SIL texted to see if I needed her or anything. I told her just to enjoy the day down at the beach!  Day after started out ok, but then didn't. So I stayed in again but my SIL had some Imodium and I took that, so then was good to go. Friday, I didn't go down to the beach either, it was just to hot and the heat was messing with my Lupus. I did go down in the evening a few times though and that was better. Bless my SIL, as one day we were walking back and she stopped to wait for me to get through the dune to the walk way. I told her she didn't have to wait for me and she said she was using me as an excuse cause the heat got to her too and she needed to stop and rest before going the rest of the way! I didn't feel quite as bad as I'm 10 years older than my brother and my SIL. lol So here are some pictures.

Under our canopy, thanks goodness for some shade, but it was still hot even with the ocean breezes!

Our house for the week

                                                       The beautiful lighthouse

                             My brother and me one evening down at the beach

My brother's family

All of us

Under the pier-My SIL took photo's of my nephew's under the pier

                              And lastly, a new photo of me after we came back home

If you stuck with me this long, thank you! I know it was a long post!!! I just want to say I appreciate you all and I love when you stop by and visit for a spell. I finally am catching up on my cleaning after being gone and got the mowing done as well. Bret and I just don't agree on what clean is. lol I know I haven't been around to everyone, I am working on it. I am slow, getting slower all the time. lol So bare with me and I will get there. Again, you bring much joy and sunshine into my life and I appreciate each one of you! 

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
Cricut Joy and Lori Whitlock files
Maymay Made It stamp sentiments
My Creative Time stamp sentiments
Close to My Heart stamp sentiments
Stampin' Up papers I won a while back