Monday, February 21, 2022

Valentines/Galentine Cards

Hello crafty friends, I hope you are all doing well. It's been a little crazy around here. Worked on helping Bret with his home: cleaning and the guys moved furniture. Went back on a Sunday and clean the most disgusting, filthy fridge I'd ever seen in my life and did some touch up painting in his living room. It is a cute little house and perfect for Bret and his dogs. So will share some photo's at the end. Then he came for his dogs that Monday after I was there on Sunday. By that Friday, he was home with Covid....again! Infected from a co-worker-the guy he is buying the house from. He didn't have any groceries, so guess who got a phone call? Yep, me, so off I go to get everything he needs, plus his monitors so he can work from home that were still here, a big box of stuff from here of his and to Sam's for a Air fryer/toaster/grill/convention oven like mine. Get to his house and unload everything on his front porch for him to get and off I go. The dogs went nuts at the storm door, lol, they wanted to come see Grandma but couldn't. Then Saturday, I get another call-he needed a couple more I go again. lol Placing everything on the front porch. Finally, he went back to work last Wednesday and then Thursday brought the dogs to me to watch as he had a work weekend thing in another county. Just got the pups this evening, but they will be coming back on Sunday as he is doing a job fair at the college he went to. They are looking to hire, so.....I'm grandpup sitting again. So Savannah and I haven't really had much time to get into much of a routine yet. Or to get much done. 

Like overseas, we had very high winds and a storm come through. I can't believe we didn't lose electric....I was one of the lucky ones in my county, but many did in my county lost their electric, including Bret only he wasn't home, he is also in a different county than me now. The dogs and I couldn't even sleep as it sounded like the house was going to blow away. For 3 days we had high winds, I'm surprised the pool survived...but the cover was high in the air! Glad that is done, but winds are to come back at the end of the week, hopefully not as bad this time! It is always windy here at my house, I'm in open fields where the wind blows all the time!

So not much crafty time going on here, but I did manage a few Valentines/Galentines. So will share these with you all. I did a print and cut for the images/rectangles/sentiment. So no stamping. This was the quickest way for me to get this done in my limited time frame. I thought they still were cute even though they were very simple. The last two are for the grands. 

And now some photos of Bret's home. And a thank you for sticking with me this long!

The other owners still have junk to get, in the garage and outside of the home. I think they did come and get some recently though but not everything. So all the stuff on the porch is theirs.

After painting the fireplace and the walls, the fireplace was a yellowish tan and the walls were a dirty white. The walls are now a light gray and it looks very nice and as you can see the fireplace is a dark gray. He is sticking with a blue, gray, white color combo in the whole house. He is going to do the floors at some point, with the floors like he did for me, only in gray. 

Another view of the living area, with a peek into the kitchen

Relaxing on his new couch, outside that window is a huge deck, so that will be nice this summer!

The bar chairs he got for the bar area, as this is where he will be eating....or in the living room at his coffee table that lifts up. But I think, mostly from here. 

So that is a little sneak peek into Bret's new to him home. It is about 8 to 10 years older than my home, only it is brick with a metal roof and he has a much newer furnace. It's a solid home and I think he will  have many good memories there. 

Thank you for sticking with me for this long post, I also want to say thank you for always coming back to visit with me a spell as I know I'm sporadic at posting. Your comments always bring sunshine to my soul and I thank you for them. I know I get behind with commenting, but I am trying to stay up as well as I can at the moment. Know that I might not comment on each post, but I am checking in. One day I will get back to a more normal schedule and things should settle down. I hope....

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:

Cricut Explore Air 2
Design Space Images
Cannon Printer
Snippets of Valentine papers
Paper Studio Black Cardstock
Red/White Bakers twine from Amazon