Monday, January 31, 2022

Rudolph Days

Hello my crafty friends, I'm slipping in at the last minute to play along over at the Rudolph challenge. It closes tonight, so I am cutting it short! It is also my first project of 2022. 

I made a mini slimline card, it turned out to be a "make a fuss" card and took longer to make than I would have liked. I will be using this image again because I love it, but won't be coloring it all in again. lol It's a larger stamp, but all the pieces are tiny to color. So my little scene is of a town in the "Burbs", with the big city behind it at dusk. I didn't get my sky right, but I can live with it and will try a dusk sky again sometime. All my little stores are open, lights on and ready for Christmas shoppers, even the Post Office is open for those last minute packages that need to get sent out. lol Wish that happened in real life! I embossed with black embossing powder and then colored in with just regular markers. Fussy cut out my image and laid it on my DIO background. I wanted to put faux snow on the snow areas, but they are tiny and the tip of the snow bottle just wasn't fine enough-plus the snow is thick. So I used Stickles instead. Tried getting a photo of the sparkle, but it didn't really turned out in the second photo. I did enjoy the mini slimline size card, so definitely want to try making some more again. Never made mini slimline cards before, just the regular slimline, and that was years ago.

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with me again. I so appreciate you all and your comments brings so much joy to me. If I haven't been by to see you, I hope to be by soon. 

I got my first shingles shot and boy did it kick my butt! Even the Covid vaccines didn't bother me like this shingles shot did. It kicked my butt for several days, stirring up my Lupus big time. I hope the second one goes better! Bret is getting his things declutter and packed. Moving furniture on Wednesday! I am looking forward to seeing his "new to him" home. I am hoping to be able to share some photos soon. 

Stay warm if it is cold in your neck of the woods and I pray everyone is staying well.

Crafty Hugs,

Card Recipe:

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks Stamp Set-Maymay Made It
Cricut Markers
SU Black Embossing Powder
Distressed Ink Oxides

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Wood Slice Ornaments

Hello crafty friends, I hope you are keeping warm and aren't dealing with snow, ice and all that comes with winter time. If you are having the winter stuff, then I hope you are able to stay in and just stay warm!

I had forgotten this in my last post, so wanted to get them posted. I painted my wood slices with white and black paint. Then using vinyl and my Cricut, cut out Christmassy words to place on one side and a snowflake to place on the other side. Painted some beads in black and white as well and threaded them onto the hangers. I love how these look and think they are so fun. Have a bunch more I can make. Not sure how I will change them up yet, but I will do something different. I hope you find these as fun as I do!

Sorry I am behind in commenting again, I hosted my sister friend for 5 days. It was nice to have her around and we had a great time. Bret will be moving next week, so I will be coming and going with comments then too. But hopefully I will make it around to everyone. As always, thank you so much for visiting with me for a spell. Your comments always make my day and warm my soul! Again, I hope to be by to visit with you as well very soon.

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
Wood slices-Amazon
Twine-Dollar Tree
Vinyl from my stash so it could be Cricut, Orcal or Starcraft
Design Space

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Christmas Gifts Makes

Hello my crafty friends, it's been a while I know! November and December were really busy months for me as I'm sure it was for you too. I had a wedding in November besides the holiday, took a girls trip to Myrtle Beach in early December and was working on all my Christmas gifts that I wanted to make. That and taking care of the three pups. That will be ending soon though as Bret is moving out on Feb. 1st. He bought a starter home! Ready for him to have his own space so I can have my house back. lol But will miss him like crazy.

This is going to be picture heavy as I'm sharing all the things I made for Christmas. I still didn't get all done that I wanted to, but it's a new year, so more makes will be happening. lol Ok, here we go:

This was the wedding gift I made. The gal wasn't taking her husband's last name, so this is what I came up with. Was inspired by Pinterest. Done with vinyl. 

This wood round was made using sand from the Outer Banks as well as the shells that I picked up except for one. No vinyl on this one, it was stenciled on after cutting out with my Cricut. A gift for my SIL and she loved it! 

This wood round was made with vinyl. 

Same with this sign, done with vinyl. It's not straight either! The red vinyl was a shimmery/glittery red and would not stick to the transfer tape I had, so had to place each letter down. The white I could pick up with transfer tape, so it is straight, even though it doesn't look it. 

A little chalk board sled that I put a count down to Christmas on in vinyl. 

Another sign with vinyl. 

Again, done with vinyl.

Scrapbook paper, and vinyl.

Mugs done with sublimation, this one I wasn't thinking and should have used a shadow around the letter. But the person loved it anyway and used it when I hosted them over Christmas. 

The golf and wrestling mugs were for my nephews, I put cash and hot cocoa packets in them. They were amazed at their mugs and loved them! I'm sure they loved the cash too. lol 

A candle I spruced up.

Pillow covers I made. These next two don't have the pillow inserts as she already has pillows inserts from other pillows covers I made her and gave them with the pillows. Now she can just change them out. 

A beer mug my brother asked me to make for his fantasy football winner. 

An apron I made for my brother, he grills delicious chicken and while grillin', he is chillin' and always refillin' his beer! lol He loved this. He keeps telling me I'm missing the boat and need to make an etsy shop to sell my crafts. Just not interested in doing that! I have two more aprons I want to do, they are plaids though. Just ran out of time, so will make them for this year.

Lastly, this little cutie was an experiment and stayed with me. I wanted to make more of these, but was trying my hand with this one first. Never got anymore made, but will in the future. Faux whipped cream topper on a mug with vinyl. The whipped topper is separate, so can be packed away separate from the mug.  Mug not for drinking out of though because the vinyl is around the rim and vinyl isn't food safe. Just for d├ęcor purposes.

I think that is everything. I think....Hard to say as sometimes I forget to take photo's of this stuff when I'm done making it! But you get the gist. I have not been commenting as I've not been on the computer much. Hopefully I will get back to doing that and back into blogging, although it will probably be sporadic with Bret moving and then me being able to work on my crafty room since it will only be Savannah and myself. So looking forward to that!!!! But still, I hope to be around some! 

If you have stuck with me this long, thank you! I appreciate you all so much and am looking forward to this new year. Which I hope I will be able to do more crafty stuff, cardmaking and scrapbooking since I don't have to worry about what Kahlua is getting into and can actually use my craft room once again. Thank you too for all your lovely comments, they always brighten my day!  

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:

Cricut machines
vinyl from many stores/online
Dollar Tree signs remade
Wood Rounds from Amazon
Wood Slices from Amazon
Rope from Dollar Tree
Light Weight Spackle from Amazon
Cricut Mugs-Sublimation
Dollar Tree Mug-Faux Whipped Cream mug
Dollar General for the little sled
Apron from Amazon
Floral/greenery from Dollar Tree/JoAnn/Potpourri 
Cricut Infusible Ink Sublimation paper-mugs and pillow covers
Iron on Vinyl from many stores/online
Wood Beads from Amazon