Thursday, November 30, 2017

Rudolph Days and Snippet Playground Challenges

Edit-I was racking my brain trying to figure out who I saw this card by that I CASED, then Carol from "Our Little Inspirations" emailed me and it literally dawned on me that it was her card I CASED! Here is her original post. Her card is more pretty than mine, but I am still happy with how mine came out.

Hello my crafty friends, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm back today so I can play in two challenges, Rudolph Days and the Snippet Playground. I'm coming in just under the wire with Rudolph Days so I need to get moving here. 

My card was done with all snippets except for the card base. This was a Pinterest inspired card, so NOT my idea. I did this with my teacher buddies at one of our card making sessions and we made a lot of different ones. This is the one I am sharing today. 

Here is a little collage of some Charleston pictures that I thought you might enjoy. Just a few of the market place, some sweet baskets, the original narrow homes, the iron work and the harbor. And a picture of the steel they put through the homes after a huge earthquake years ago. That is the third photo on the left going down-some homes they "concealed" them as decorations, this house had not. 

As always thanks for stopping by and visiting with me a spell. Your comments always bring me sunshine and joy and I thank you for that! 

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
quilt die-Gina Marie
snowflake-Simon Says
sentiment-My Creative Time

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Personalized Sweet 16 Birthday Cards

Hello my crafty friends, can you believe I'm back for another post in November?!! Lots going on like with all of you as tis the seasons, so keeping busy. My SIL asked me to make cards for my nephew as he has some birthday parties coming up he wanted to attend. She was a little surprised that he wanted to go to two sweet 16 parties but so happy about it. So since they love my cards I make them, I was asked to make these for him.

I used my Cricut Explore and the print and cut feature. So I designed my cards in Design Studio and then did the print and cut, cutting some features separately so I could layer some. Hope the girls like their cards! 

As always the recipe will be below. And  I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by. As always your comments mean the world to me. Keep warm where ever you are and if I don't get back in here, have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Bret and I will be spending it with my brother and SIL and nephews.

For this card, I used a license plate from a Nit Wit Collection called Country Lane. It was a plain one, so then I used fonts from my computer to make all the writing and the "stickers". I thought it turned out pretty cute. The balloon paper in the background is a print from the patterns in the design space.

 The inside

 Same with this one, the car came from my Cricut Access, type out my sentiment and printed and cut it all out. I printed and cut two of the cars so I could stack them with pop dots for dimension. The car is a light pink. Took the same license's plate from Country Lane and made it little with Sweet 16 on it. Again, the background paper is from Cricut Access. Thought this one turned out pretty cute too! 

 The inside

Card Recipe:
card 1:
license plate - Nit Wit Collection Country Lane
fonts - Cricut Sans and Airlines
balloon paper -  Snapshot Everyday Imagine Cartridge
inside stamp - SU Balloon Bash

card 2:
car - Nifty Fifties Cricut Cartridge
license plate - Nit Wit Collections Country Lane
fonts - Cricut Sans and Airlines
pink hex paper -  Yummy Imagine Cartridge
inside stamp - SU Balloon Bash

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

Hello my crafty friends, sorry another month has went by and nothing from me. I am hoping that will change with the colder temps. Not a whole lot going on around here but I have been holding some card classes for my teacher friends. Just a way to get together each month. I get 4 cards together for them to make and then we have lunch. Such a nice little get together. So will be sharing what we have been up to soon.

I also just got back from a trip down south. My sister friend talked me into going down to Myrtle Beach, SC with her and her husband. Since I am very comfortable with them, I went. We had a great time and even went to Charleston for the day, I was born in Charleston so it was fun seeing the place where I was born. I will share a few pictures at the end of my post.

But for now I have some birthday cards I made in the beginning of summer. They are a complete CAS from Anita over at My Paper Craft World . She sent me a beautiful birthday card and I loved the design so much I had to CAS it. And CASE it I did! I made a bunch of them and here are a few. As always the recipes will be at the end of this post.

Here are a few pictures from my trip. Bret took care of Savannah up at school for me so that made this trip possible. My little lady that I took care of passed the day before I left on my trip. So I missed the funeral but the family sent me off on my trip with their blessings. They are such a wonderful family!

My sister friend and her husband and myself. Yes, I'm the shortest! We took this selfie just before our tour boat came in to take us around the harbor in Charleston. We also were told some stories about Charleston and  and learned a lot about Ft. Sumter.

Historical River Front in Conway, SC This is my aunt, uncle and cousin and of course me.

 Walking on the boardwalk one evening in Myrtle Beach, so took a picture of the waves crashing on shore. Not a bad photo for night time. All photo's were taken with my phone camera as well.

 While in Charleston for the day, we ate at Bubba Gump's and I got the Shrimp and Grits. Cause you know a southern girl can't go without her grits!!!!  OMGosh, was this ever so good! I know it probably doesn't look good, but it makes my mouth water just looking at the photo. lol I brought many bags of grits home with me too because in the North you just can't get good grits.

As always but especially now, I thank you for stopping by and visiting with me a spell. Your comments always lift my spirit and make my days brighter. I hope to get around to visit your blogs soon!

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
stamps: My Creative Time, Maymay Made It, Stamping Up
dies: Some die cut words Anita send me, My Creative Time
misc. scraps from my scrap bin
foam tape
distress oxide inks
misc. sequins

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

NBUS Challenge

Hello my crafty friends! Well months have passed again without any posts or comments from me. I'm very sorry, blogging just hasn't been my thing right now. As I've said before, mowing and taking care of the outside keeps me busy as well and even though I'm not looking forward to winter coming, I am looking forward to no outside maintenance. lol I have also been struggling with being anemic (from my fall and broken ribs, had internal bleeding)-so very tired and sleepy and just feeling funky. But I put myself on iron pills, went through this several years back so knew what to do, and the iron pills are helping. Just gonna take time to build myself back up. I am trusting in the good Lord that he will heal me and keep me going. 

I have come cards for you today. The same but different if you know what I mean. They are all sympathy cards, been making way to many of them here of late! I wish I could say that I was just mass producing these for my stash, but I wasn't. I needed 3 for family members so I kept them similar just changing the sentiment on the front and the flower. Saw this idea on Pinterest, so  NOT my idea at all. I used distress oxides for my "sunsets". First time bleeding with them and how I am loving them. Only stamped with them before which I love them for stamping as well. As always my recipe will be down below. I used a NBUS stamp set as well so I think if I hurry I can get in under the wire for Darnell's NBUS challenge. I believe and could be wrong, that today is the last day of it. 

Well that is it for me today. Not sure when I will be back around right now. My life just seems to be moving in a different direction right now. I do look to see what you have been up to, just not commenting. For that I'm sorry, like I said just to much going on and just struggling to keep up with life. Winter might change that though. As always I thank you for your sweet comments, they really do mean the world to me but understand when you can't comment. Just taking the time to stop by is wonderful to me as I'm not a "number's" gal. 

 They all say the same thing on the inside.

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
Distress oxide inks - fossilized amber, spiced marmalade, wilted violet, faded jeans, black soot
Inkadinkado - Meadow stamps-NBUS-silhouettes
Maymay Made It - Your Faith is Showing-NBUS-outside and inside sentiment
My Creative Time - Believe in Your Dreams - with sympathy sentiment
My Creative Time - Stitched Rectangular Frame Dies and More

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Hello my crafty friends, I came on to give an update on why I haven't been blogging. It's been a challenging summer thus far and I can't believe summer will soon be over. I have been elderly sitting and babysitting an 11 year (almost 12) old girl. The end of June I got some kind of virus and passed out in my bathroom. Woke on the floor, spent the day in bed and on the toilet and the girl that I babysit took care of Savannah for me. Then Bret came home from work and took care of me giving me a pill that he was given for vomiting and diarrhea. I didn't vomit, just had the dry heaves, but was really sick the other way. Then after I was better I was playing outside with Savannah and we came in but she wouldn't give up her frisbee. So instead of waiting until she dropped it, I fought her for it like a dummy. She lost grip and bit to get a hold of it again and bit me. So had a nasty bit on my finger in three places. Was afraid she did nerve damage, but there wasn't. Doctored that, the nail is peeling back and has to grow out but all is good there. Got over that and then on the  6th of July I took Savannah out around 7:30 pm to go potty and thought while I was out I would empty the skimmer basket on the pool. Well as we rounded the pool there sat a bunny. Yep, Savannah and I both saw it at the same time, only Savannah is much quicker than me and she took off slamming me to the ground really hard as the leash left my hand. Broke ribs on both sides. Took a good while to get my breath back and finally got myself up off the ground. Emptied the skimmer basket and got the mail and came in and sat down in a lot of pain. So now I'm on my third week of healing and finally can move without a lot of pain. Can sleep in bed now too, just can't sleep on my sides. Driving is ok, but uncomfortable and Bret is doing the mowing for me. So in the meantime my elderly lady had a heart attack the end of June. Now she is back home, but the family wanted me to take a month to heal before coming back. I just hope she lasts until I get back there! So that has been my summer-not a good one at all. So no crafting going on here except for a few birthday cards I made. I am also late in getting out some birthday cards, but plan to still get them out. I didn't have my car for two weeks as Bret was using it while his was getting worked on, didn't matter as when I broke the ribs I couldn't drive anyway. But need to get out to the post office now and get my cards mailed. Not sure when I will get back to crafting as I also bit the bullet and cleaned out all of Dwayne's clothing and donated it to the Purple Heart. They came and picked up everything on the 5th of July. I am gathering more stuff up to donate as well. But on a cleaning out mission when I broke my ribs and want to get back to it as soon as I'm able. So if you don't see me on here, this will be why. Will be back when I have it all together! lol Then maybe I can get back to normal here with posting and commenting. Please know that I miss you all very much!!!!!

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bells Will Be Ringing

Good golly Miss Molly, it's been over a month since I've posted!!! Hi my crafty friends, did you miss me? lol It's been crazy around here, lots of rain, lots of mowing and other chores. Drove 2 1/2 hours up to my son's college on May 5th, left a little after 8 am with Savannah in tow driving in pouring down rain. Got up there and then got to work. I had no idea how many clothes my son had or how many shoes! Let me just say he doesn't need any clothes!!!! And shoes, he is worse than a woman. He had 40 pairs of shoes!!! Yes, you read that right! The kid was shopping all year I guess cause he didn't leave with that many. lol So I packed all his clothing and a huge long tub and it couldn't hold all his clothing. I'm serious! Had to put the rest in his big duffel bag and that was stuffed. That wasn't including his dress button up shirts, they went in another tub with his suit! He and a friend took some stuff to storage, took a couple of trips. While they were doing that, I was cleaning upstairs-vacuuming, dusting blinds, sills and baseboards. It was bitter sweet cleaning his late roommate's room. I cried a little and talked to him a little. Next I did Bret's room.Then got started down stairs. Cleaned in the kitchen-the stove, fridge, washer, dryer, cabinets, etc. Then washed up the floor. Bret came back and cleaned the bathroom and washed that floor. All was left to clean was the living room. So while he loaded stuff up in my car and his truck, I dusted blinds, sills and baseboards and then vacuumed. 8:30 pm we were out of there and boy were we tired!!! Another 2 1/2 hour drive home, no rain on the way home thankfully and we finally got home. We just brought the cold and frozen food in and threw in the basement fridge and freezer and hit the bed! Savannah did really well, that was her longest trip away, so I was happy that she did so well. Not in any routine yet, as so much as been going on here. Had to buy a new mower. Bret and my step father got it yesterday early evening, so Bret mowed til dark on a high setting-and it was a hay field too!!! Then he turned around and mowed again tonight. I did a little bit. I have to learn this new mower as it is a zero turn mower. It's gonna take me a while, but I did ok, not great, but not bad either. Of course my son was laughing at me. lol

Ok enough chatter, I do have a card. Last month, I wanted to play along with Rudolph Day, but my editing program-a free one-wasn't working. New computer remember. lol So I couldn't edit my photos. So had Bret look at it finally and all I had to do was sign in. Duh to me!!! Now it is completely different and I don't know how to add my watermark. Sigh Anyway, I did make my cards but didn't post. But I did do them! Not much card making going on right now as I am working on a recipe mini album for a gift. So here is my card and sorry I don't have the names of the supplies I used with me at this time to do the recipe. Just ask if you want to know anything and I will let you know what I used. I made three of these, need more practice with the bells, so might make more of them. Need some different grey's too so need to work on that as well. The stamp company was Sunny Skies or something to that effect. 

And that's it. All I have for now. Not much, but still have so much outside work to do now that Bret is home. Poor kid hasn't even unpacked yet, so he will be doing that the rest of this week in the evening after work. I also have a ton of curtains to hem for my other son and DIL for their house. So got to get on that as well! Not sure how I got so busy so fast! lol 

As always your comments bring sunshine to my day and I appreciate you all so very much! Thanks for stopping by and visiting a spell with me. The rain has stopped and this week has been beautiful. I don't want to go for 6 weekends in a row of rain! Will need to get the pool open soon, to bad it wasn't already open as the rain could have raised the level for me. lol Until next time.....

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
Sunny Studio's Stamps

Monday, April 10, 2017

NBUS Challenge

Hello my crafty friends, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been making some cards though. Just haven't been in the mood to post and I've been trying to catch up with my commenting, or catching up as best I can. Mowing has begun and that will keep me very busy as well as keeping after the weeds. You know how it goes. I'm hoping Bret will be able to help me out some with it this year. At least the spraying part of it. I really don't mind mowing when I'm up to it. Anyway, I guess I'm saying the posting might be sporadic at best. Ok, I know I haven't posted regularly since Dwayne passed. I'm trying to get there, honest! Plus I've torn my room apart even more, so it is getting harder to get at my supplies. I do have my stamps and a few supplies in the guest bedroom, so that is helping so I can do some cards. I really want to get at my scrapbooking though, but until my room is done, that isn't going to happen! And yes, I've been really slow working on it!!! Sad I know! Savannah has spring fever and insists on going out to play or for a walk, so she is still keeping me busy as well. lol I guess you can tell who is the boss! My elderly lady is doing well and I enjoy her company. She is such a sweetie!! So that is what is going on in my neck of the woods. 

Ok, I wanted to enter Darnell's NBUS and Boo Boo Challenge. I don't have any boo boo's, not because I don't make them but because I forget and don't take pictures of them! I've got to try and remember her April 1st challenge in the future. But I have been slowly chipping away at my mountain of NBUS! I believe I used 7 NBUS's!!! So before the door closes on her challenge, which I believe is tomorrow, I am entering my card(s). As always the recipe will be at the bottom of post and if you want links let me know. I tend to be lazy and don't always put them in. As always thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me, your comments sure do make my day especially when I am feeling extra lonely. Ok here we go!

an encouragement card

 Made several of these for the younger grands.Just thought these bunnies were to cute! Used the same design as I used on my Snowman card. Love these peeking stamps from MayMay Made It!

 Inside of the bunny cards.

 This panel was in the UFO box for a few years, so got it out and stuck it on a card base.

 This stamp was sent to me from Brenda over at Inkspired to Stamp. Thanks Brenda!!! I love it!

 Using the negative from the border from the card above. Oval dies from Momma Mary. Thanks Momma Mary, I am so loving the x stitching on these dies!!!

 Don't these little chicks make you smile?!!! The mat dies came from Momma Mary over at  Carolina Cards. Thanks Momma Mary, I just love these dies!!! 

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
Card One:
Altenew Spring Daisy-NBUS!
My Creative Time for the sentiment
Misc. inks and sequins

Card Two and Three:
Maymay Made It Hare Peeking stamp set-NBUS!
My Creative Time Stitched Postage Dies-NBUS!
Zig Clean Color Brush Markers
Bristol Watercolor Paper

Card Four:
Negative Die Cut from Cricut, can't remember the Cartridge
Cardz TV Easter Blessings for the sentiment
My  Creative Time Stitched Butterflies
Bow-not sure

Card Five and Six:
Stamplorations Dee's Artsy Impressions stamp set-didn't see a name per say on it. From Brenda-NBUS!
Cardz TV Easter Blessings for the sentiment
Gina Marie Scallop Dies
Die-namics X Stitched Oval Dies-NBUS!
Zig Clean Color Brush Markers
Bristol Watercolor Paper

Card Seven:
Die-namics Rectangular Zig Zag Dies- From Momma Mary, NBUS!
My Creative Time Hello Spring stamps
Zig Clean Color Brush Markers
Bristol Watercolor Paper

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rudolph Day

Hello crafty friends, the 25th of the month has come and gone already! What is so special about the 25th of the month you asked?? Well that is when Maureen over at Scraps of Life by Scrappymo has the Rudolph challenge start every month! My goal is to play along each month to have a good stash of Christmas cards made by Christmas. So why not join in?!! It goes from the 25th to the last day of the month, closing at midnight PST. Now I gotta get my card linked up for the challenge!

So here is my little card that I made to enter into the challenge. Isn't this little snowman cute?!! I was inspired by Sheila over at LaLaCrafts to use my Spectrum Noir markers and color as she has been using her's to do the 30 day coloring challenge that is going on in blogland. Thanks Sheila!!! I haven't used them in a long while because some of mine have dried out and I haven't gotten the refills for them all yet. So I picked some colors that weren't dry and did me some coloring and boy did I enjoy it! I'm not real good with coloring but know enough to get me by with some simple coloring and shading. 

As always I thank you for taking time out of your day to visit little ole me! Your comments always bring much needed sunshine to my day and I appreciate them so much! I will be around to see you too soon!!! Any questions about  my supplies, feel free to email me and I will answer them. My email is in the all about me section. 

 And as Auntie (Darnell) says, here's my twofer! lol A very simple CAS card. I used my Zigs to color this little peeping snowman in with. I love my Zigs but I think I really love coloring with my Spectrum Noir's the most. 

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
Snowmen: Maymay Made It stamps
Stitched squares, rectangles and postage dies: My Creative Time
Sentiments: First card-My Creative Time and second card: SU set

Saturday, March 25, 2017

May You Weather This Storm

Hello my crafty peeps! I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit or even posting. Life has been a bit busy as I have been volunteering some, getting together with friends, shoveling snow, elderly sitting and many other things as well. So I'm way behind! Of course not getting my notifications either still. Some are coming in now and I am very happy about that!!! Because out of sight is out of mind for me-sad but true. It's been two weeks since I've posted!!!! OMGosh, where does time go??? 

Anyway, I am Guest Designer over at the Snippet's Playground, how exciting is that?!!! Thank you Di for having me today!! I hope I do not disappoint. So to play at the playground all you have to do is use snippets (scraps) on your project and it doesn't have to be a paper project either! I have a few people I'm trying to encourage as they are going through very hard times with their health, so my card is an encouragement card. I used a window die and made the front of my card look like the inside of a room. Or at least I hope it does! I die cut the window into the card base, using all snippets, I put "wallpaper" above and below the "chair rail" and for my curtains. I stamped and colored two potted plants as well for the front of the card. I also have acetate in the window. That was a snippet too! Then I proceeded to stamp my scene inside my card base. I colored with my Zig Clean Color Markers, images were small so not much shading I'm afraid. But I still like the way it turned out. After I got my inside scene and sentiment done, I worked on the other side of the window-the outside part that will be seen from the inside. Clear as mud???? I embossed a brick pattern on another snippet after I cut the window out. Stamped and colored my flowers for the window box you can't see. And that is it! A simple to make card but busy one! lol 

The inside scene that you see through the window

Inside the card, but the outside of the window- confused yet??

Savannah saying we are out of here! lol Recipe at the bottom of this post As always I appreciate you stopping by and visiting with me a spell and I promise I will be around soon to visit you too!!!!

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
Window, flowers-My Creative Time
Sentiments, rain, clouds, girl-Hero Art's Feb. kit

Friday, March 10, 2017

My Apologies

Hello crafty peeps, I wanted to pop in and tell you all why I haven't been around to visit. First off I'm still not getting my notifications by email on the blogs I follow by email, which is most of them! Secondly my computer went. So had to order a computer. Good news is that it came last night and Bret got me all set up with it. Thank God he was home for spring break and could help me with it. And thank God that I had backed everything up last Sunday before it went. When I downloaded Window's 10, it corrupted my computer and Bret wanted to try and fix it for me by taking off the corrupt W10 and then reinstalling it. Well, no could do. The whole computer went. So I'm thankful we did it that way instead of it going out on me before I backed up everything. Bret was after me about getting a new computer at Christmas, I guess I should have just did it then, but didn't want to spend the money. Didn't want to spend it now either but I can't go without a computer. Doesn't that sound funny?!! Because we used to go without computers! Times sure have changed haven't they. Plus I wanted to keep my other computer as long as I could since that was the last one Dwayne bought for me and it wasn't that old. I know in the whole of technology it was old, but to me it wasn't. lol So now I'm back up and running and will be around soon to try and catch up with what all you all have been doing.  After having a nice week, we have snow today. Boo And snow for Sunday as well. Just keep repeating, spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming!!! lol  My other news is that I will be elderly sitting for a new lady two times a week. I'm a little nervous about it, but it should go well. I'm just always a nervous Nellie when starting something new. Hope you all are having a fabulous day!!

Crafty Hugs,

Card Recipe:

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wish Big

Happy Saturday my crafty friends! I hope your weekend is going well. I went to lunch on Friday with my retired teacher buddies and then we went to see The Shack. The book was very good and I highly recommend it if you've never read it. But you don't have to read the book to see the movie although the movie goes by the book very well. The movie was very well done too, I loved it. Cried and laughed throughout the movie! A must see!!

Ok, enough chatter, I have 5 birthday this month, I did one birthday yesterday. Now getting the rest ready to go. I made this birthday shaker card for my brother. He is 10 years younger than me. I used craft foam for my lift up for the sequins. Not much to say about this card as it is self explanatory. Hard to see the balloon shape in this picture, but I assure you it is a balloon. The items I used are down in the card recipe section. The pattern paper is a snippet, so if the Snippet Playground is open tomorrow, I will play along there. 

Card Recipe:
My Creative Time Balloon dies-NBUS, Banner dies and stamp set for the "wish big".
Twine from my stash for the balloon string
mix of sequins from who know's where

Monday, February 27, 2017

More Stacking Layer Cards

Hello crafty friends, I have the last of my stacking layer cards to share with you. But first I wanted to post an updated picture of myself. Not that I like looking at myself but because I love to see pictures of the people I visit at their blogs. You know, you like to "see" who you are talking too, right?!! lol Please be kind, I'm not photogenic and didn't put any make up on and my 57 years are showing!!!! And I'm not good at taking selfies at all, but it is what it is! Ok, now that you know who you are talking to, let's move on shall we?

So I made a birthday card, a thank you card and a thinking of you card. I love the birthday card, the papers just glitter so in real life. Isn't that Martini glass, pick and olive so cute?! I have no clue what color a Martini is or what one tastes like. Just saying! lol 

My hot air balloon I colored with my Prisma colored pencils. Wish now I would have did every other stripe. sigh Once again, some plainer (older) glitter paper behind the layers. 

Colored my plane and banner with my Prisma Pencils as well. Gold glitter paper behind the layers again. And that is it from me! I hope you have enjoyed these cards. I am thankful that you stop by and visited with me a spell. You know how much I love your visits and I will be around to visit you too. I am having problems once again getting my email notifications on the blogs that I follow by email, so don't worry if I haven't been around in a while. I will be by as soon as I can. Your comments bring me much joy and sunshine to this new life of mine and is so appreciated!!!

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
Lori Whitlock-stacking layers SVG's
My Creative Time stamps and dies