Monday, August 25, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Happy Monday Morning my friends! Yes, we are back around to Monday again. How did that happen?! lol I have a different post for you today, a second post for you. If you are looking for my BBTB2 post it is below this post. This will be a longer post, but not overly long, so grad your favorite beverage and sit with me for a spell. It's by turn to join in on the fun with The Creative Blog Hop, which is held each Monday. A quick explanation - TCBH is the brain child of a blogger , who's identity seems to have disappeared along the way as the hop progressed. The hop includes all kinds of artists: watercolor, paint, mixed media, and cards, as well as writers, photographers, and all sorts of needlework artists.

The idea is for each of us Bloggers to get to know each other better - some describes this as a game of "Tag, Your It". Each bloggers answers four questions about themselves and afterwards they "tag" three other bloggers and so on - then it goes on with the next three bloggers. Or so it should. However this one will end with me as I did not get three other bloggers to join in with me as they all have their plates full right now. Life is just that - life - and it must go on regardless of our hobbies and sometimes it doesn't allow time for this sort of thing no matter how fun it is to do.

The hop is only held on Mondays.

Just FYI there are knock-off hops going around called "Getting to Know Me" and "Blog Hop With a Difference" , which is fine. They are structured similarly, but some have different questions, so there might be some confusions as all these hops are hopping around all over Blogland. It's all good as we get to know one another a bit better. 

So how did I come to join in? Come and meet my "tagger".

The sweet and talented Mary of Carolina Cards. I met Mary when she was surfing Pinterest and came upon something I had made. She came to my blog and left me a lovely comment and said that her mother had Lupus too. Well I emailed her back and a relationship blossomed and the rest is history! I have come to call her Momma Mary as I had said one time that I wish I had had a mother like her growing up. She said she would be proud to be my momma and thus she became Momma Mary to me. She always has great advice for me just like a mom should and I value her advice greatly. She does have one daughter that lives in FL, Momma Mary lives in SC. So that is hard for Momma Mary and her hubby not having their daughter in the same area/state as they are in. And trust me, I know how that feels! Momma Mary is a very talented card maker and does wonders with Dylusion sprays, Copic Markers, with just about anything she picks up to use on a card. Her newest toy is a Gelli Plate that she is working with and learning. She has a beautiful card on her blog using the Gelli Plate for the first time. She always amazes me with her creations!! I haven't gotten to meet Mommy Mary in person yet. We had planned on meeting last year when we took a vacation down south to see my aunts and uncles, but time was short and just didn't lend to getting together. Next time however, we will be going to meet Momma Mary first. I'm so anxious to meet her in person as I know we will get along well. Our values and believes are the same and to tell you the truth, I feel like I have already met her in person. I really love my Momma Mary! 

Now about me:

I am a 54 year mom, wife and grandma. I started life off in South Carolina, moved to MD when I was very young and went back to the south as a tween. Then we came back to MD and as a divorced adult came to PA because cost of living was cheaper for a single mother. I met my husband and have finally enjoyed having roots somewhere. My mother moved a lot and I ended up going to 13 different school not including the schools I went to twice. So it was very important for me to have roots down and my kids to go to school in one school district, which I am happy to say happened.  I have been doing crafts of some sort since I was a young child. My home life was not an idea one. I had been kidnapped several times by my biological father when I was 3 years old-which I vividly remember to this very day. I never knew him except that he was my father and a bad man. My mother is an alcoholic and was very abusive. I was either on my own for a lot of things or else taking care of my half brother and sister who are 10 and 12 years younger than me. One day in the 4th grade, I took a book out of our school library that was about making crafts. It had the how to's in the book, so one evening while my mother slept. I crafted. It was something as simple as gluing yarn around a store bought Christmas ball but I was hooked. I've been crafting every since. Reading was also a "get away" for me too and I read a lot. As I grew, my crafting projects changed. I did cross stitched, made animal pillows for the younger kids, plastic canvas, a little stamping and so on. Then one day while listening to my boys moan about how we never go anywhere or do anything I decided to get into scrapbooking so they could see that no we didn't go places that require a lot of money we did do a lot together and had tons of fun. I had no clue how to do scrapbook but thought I would use rubber stamps and stickers to help me document our lives. With 6 boys we didn't have money to go to the movies a lot, or to amusement parks and such. Now the boys love looking at the scrapbooks and they realize that we did do a lot together even though we didn't have tons of money to spend on doing things. 

After my younger son was in school, and with most of his bothers grown, I got a job at our elementary school. I always had volunteer in our school district and wasn't looking for a job but a job landed in my lap. I LOVED my job!!! To me it was the perfect job, summer's off, working with sweet students that I just love and being out the house with adults as well as children. But it came to an end when my health issues over took my ability to work and keep up with my family at home. So I resigned and have missed it and longed for it since. Now I stay at home taking care of my husband who was diagnosed with colon cancer last Oct. He will be doing lifetime chemo, so it is a long and somewhat rocky journey but one we are making together with confidence and faith in our Lord that things will go well. I also sent my "baby" off to college a little more than a week ago. I can tell you I wasn't ready for an empty nest, but like always life marches on. We have 7 grandchildren which are such a joy to us and we love having them over to spend the night with us. 

I love riding the 4 wheeler with my husband to see how his crops are growing, I love to read, to mow-yes you read that right, I love to mow the grass, I also love to hang out in our pool and on the deck or in the hot tub, when able I love to tinker in the flower beds, I do a lot of cooking and baking which I enjoy too. I just don't always enjoy the clean up end of it but don't dread it either. I used to help hubby out on the farm some with hay and straw or to fill the drill up with whatever he was planting at the time. That how ever isn't something that I can do now. I still help out but  by guiding him when he is backing lots of equipment into the shed or by hooking and unhooking equipment and such. lol I think I'm easy going and easy to please. I'm very much a home body and a tank of gas can last me well over a month or more. I do enjoy getting out some, but my love is my home so when ever we do go away I'm always so happy to get back home. I guess the old saying "home is where the heart is" is really true, at least for me it is. I am a country bumpkin who is plain and ordinary and I love my life as it is a good one. One I never thought I would have as a young child. 

So now hubby and I are starting a new phase in our life of being empty nesters. It will be a new thing for us as we have never been "kid-less". When we married we had "yours, mine and ours". Although I will have to say that even though I didn't give birth to all 6 boys, they are all mine in every sense of the word. So this new life with just hubby and I is a little strange, but one I am looking forward too. Besides are we every kid-less??? I know our youngest will be back home each summer and with the cost of living he won't be moving out anytime soon on his own I don't think. I am looking forward to it just being hubby and I but it's a little scary too as my life was devoted to being just a mom and a wife. I know that I will enjoy having this time once I get used to it. Hopefully it won't be as demanding as raising a family. lol Although I've enjoyed raising my sons. 

I've so enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people here in blogland. Everyone is so sweet and kind and I feel as though they are my friends even though we haven't met in person, they are still every bit of a good friend as the "real" people in my life. I enjoy seeing their crafty projects and can spend a great deal of time on the computer. I have taken one of the 5 bedrooms over for my crafty space and I love having it all to my self. My youngest and hubby got me a nice flat screen tv for my room so I can sit in there and craft away as my body allows all the while having the tv on to watch.  It's my own little haven to get away to while hubby farms. 

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me some and I hope I haven't bored you to tears!!! Now on to the interview questions:

1.  What I am working on now?  Nothing specific, although I do have projects that I've started and have never finished. So my goal is to get those finished. I also have DT projects that I need to do weekly and I want to do a mini album for my DIL of her baby shower to our youngest grandchild. But my biggest goal is to rearrange my crafty space and paint the room and get better organized. My crap crafty goodies was plopped into the room as my son wanted the basement bedroom that was my crafty space. So he moved my crap crafty goodies up to his old room and it was just kinda thrown in there with not much thought and it really isn't working for me. 

2.   How does my work differ from others in my genre?  I don't think my work differs all that much. I'm not fancy with my projects and I tend to craft more on the plain side. I also love to copy or CAS other's but always give credit where credit is due. Or at least I hope I do! I hope that people are flattered because to me it is the highest form of flattery. I know I would be so flattered if someone wanted to copy something I made. lol  I love layers, shabby chic and just about everything but I don't do that. I tend to lean towards CAS cards and layouts. Clean and simple just always catches my eye when I see a project that is clean and simple. I will try out a new technique from time to time, but also know my limits of what I can and can't pull off. lol So I will just continue to admire the people who can do the techniques I can't. 

3.   Why do I create what I do?  Well that is easy, I create cards, layouts and home decor because my boys, DIL's and friends love it. I love making my family happy, I love looking back on memories and I love seeing the joy in other's eyes when they get something they really love from me that I've made. It gives me pleasure to please other people as well as myself. Creating gives me something to do while my hubby spends many hours farming the 4 farms he farms after work. But mostly because I enjoy it and because of the pleasure my family gets from my creations.

4.  How does my creative process work?  Well that's a good question! I have to say that I'm really a "fly by the seat of my pants" crafter. A theme can get my creative juices flowing, and if a theme doesn't then I go to Pinterest to see what is there to inspire me as well as lots of blogs. I will also start with my pictures if I'm doing a layout for my inspiration. Cards, well they just kinda evolve as I work on them, I don't always have a vision in my head for them. I love using sketches for layouts as well as cards cause to me they take the thinking out for me but it doesn't take any of the creative process away. When Mr. Mojo is gone on vacation, nothing inspires me. lol  But to me if you have a sketch or inspirational photo you can always come up with something.

Now this would be the time that I would introduce you to other bloggers that I've tagged. But since I was unsuccessful at tagging anyone because of the demands of life I will just tell you thank you for stopping by today and I really hope that I didn't bore you to death! I hope you have enjoyed learning more about me and will come back to sit a spell with me again. Please consider popping over to visit Mary of Carolina Cards to learn about her life as well as some others. It has been lots of fun learning more about other's out in blogland. Crafty hugs, Brenda

Dressing Up-BBTB2 Challenge

Hello my crafty friends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We did, our son came home this weekend. Yes, I know he was only at school for one week. lol But everyone was coming home so he thought he'd do the same. I'm not complaining one bit! He will be home for a few weekends in a row and then after that, not so much so. Of course he worked the whole weekend. At least we know he has good work ethics! 

Today on BBTB2 our sweet and talented host is Maureen. She has challenged us to us a dress form or dress this week because it is all about fashion! I have no fashion sense, so this wasn't a great challenge for me. lol I was short on time so I didn't get my cute dress fancied up so it is just a sweet, country dress  .I used the Nifty Fifties for my dress form and dress, some burlap paper and My Creative Time stamps and dies. I hope you will go over and check out what inspirations my design team sisters have for you today and then "dress up" and join us over at BBTB2 with your project. Thanks for stopping by today and visiting with me. I always appreciate your sweet comments and hope you will stop by again soon! Crafty hugs, Brenda

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Big Huge Thank You...

...for all the love and support you all have given me and the hubby!! It amazes me at how wonderful the crafting community is at supporting people they have never met in real life. Your hugs and support has been so wonderful and has helped me to feel so much better. I know we all have our struggles with health and life, so that makes all your support even more special. So I really want to let you all know how much I appreciate you and your support for me and hubby. I know that I have to give this back over to God because He is the one in control. Not me. I know He will guide our doctor with hubby's treatment and what will be will be. Big huge hugs to you all!!! Brenda

Monday, August 18, 2014

You Are Our Sonshine!! BBTB2 Challenge

Hello my crafty friends, here we are back at a Monday once again. And it is bittersweet for me. It was an emotionally draining week last week so part of me is glad to be in a new week and it was bittersweet for hubby and I because our youngest son left for college. Our first news was hubby had a CAT scan done on Monday to see where we are at with the cancer. We went in to get his treatment on Thursday getting the results from his doctor. Well it wasn't the results we wanted to hear! The cancer that had shrunk by half on his lung has now grown and the spot that was on the liver that was gone has been replaced by new spots. I was heartbroken!! Now he isn't in partial remission and he had to start aggressive treatments again. Which I'm fine with sitting in the treatment room with him as long as the dang cancer goes away!! I kinda' lost it out in the treatment room and our male nurse look at me and said, "This is just a hiccup, we will get him back on track". I sure hope so!! So after my 15 minutes of a pity party, I turned it back over to God and hubby's doctor. Doc told us in the beginning that hubby wasn't curable but he was treatable. I will be holding the doctor to that! lol I know God will guide doc with treatments and hopefully hubby will get back to a remission or partial remission and who knows maybe down the road there will be a cure to cancer for him. Our next emotional day was Saturday. We follow our youngest up to college and got him all unloaded and settle in his dorm apartment with his 3 other roommates. I know a lot of you have already been through this and we have been too with the 5 others leaving the nest. But somehow this time was different, actually it was the hardest with the oldest and the youngest. I don't know where the years have went but they sure flew by. I was told once that it is a long time until they are 18 years old-I have to disagree, it fly's by in a heart beat!! If someone thinks that then they don't enjoy their children. Needless to say we have texted our son quiet a few times since Saturday. This too shall pass I know, but right now it feels as though I have lost a son, which I know I haven't but it feels like it. 

Now onto something brighter!! Time to smile and share my BBTB2 card with you today. My sweet design team sister, Laura, has challenged us to use a sun on a project. Well as soon as you see my card you will know who will be getting this one! lol I used Artbooking on real dial size to cut my overlay in white. I inked it up using many distress yellow and orange inks. Then I inked a background with a few blue distress inks and stamp yellow stripes on the end and yes, I got them in to far, lol. When done I spritzed the inks with a little water to get the water spots in the ink. Then I popped up my sun layer on pop dots after stamping my sentiment. Which by the way I made by using My Creative Time alpha stamps! Put that layer on top of a black card base and called it done. No frills, just a plain card to send to our son. I hope you will go over to BBTB2 and see what inspiration my talented design team sisters have for you and then join us in using a Cricut sun on your project! Thanks for stopping by today and sittin' a spell with me, listening to me whine and all that. You are all amazing and I'm so thankful for you all!! Crafty hugs, Brenda

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My last two for the week...

Here are my last two cards for the week. Just to clear things up, I didn't make all these cards this week. I made them in June for Cards for Soldiers-we have a get together every June to make cards for our soldiers to send to their families and I make sure they get mailed out to the shippers so they can get them out to the different deployed soldiers. 

My first card is like the camera one from yesterday. Just plan and simple is what I went with this year so I could get many made. I think we did get around 500 cards made to go to the soldiers! It was a productive day by all the ladies! We had a great time talking and socializing as well as doing something good. We even got cards done for the Ronald McDonald house. The phone and sentiment is from My Creative Time products, love Emma's products! For my second card, The arrow and sentiment also came from MCT products. The heart was a punch I used that is from SU. I think it was a punch, could have been a die-not sure now. lol  Anyway these are some cards-well I will make more-that I plan on using to send to DS will he is away at college. I will probably put some cash in there for him here and there too. I hope you have enjoyed these simple and plain cards. I've enjoyed sharing them with you. Now I need to get my butt in gear in the kitchen and laundry. lol Such an exotic life I lead. Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by yet another day! I appreciate you all and you always put a smile on my face when I read your comments. Have a wonderful weekend starting tomorrow-Crafty hugs, Brenda 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Your Smile....

Hello my crafty friends, I have another quick post today. Put up lots of corn last night and will be continuing tonight. Then I have to get things ready to go to VA for the weekend. One of our DS's is holding down the fort for us. Do any of you ever feel like you spend all your time in the kitchen?! I swear I am in the kitchen all the time. Good thing I am old now and can't be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. lol  Anyway, I got off topic here. I have another CAS card for today. I used once again My Creative Time stamps. I stamped the little camera's using Hero Art Shadow Inks, love those shadow inks! I love how this card came together, just so simple but I think it is really cute to send anyone. Like my son at school. lol Do you think he will get a lot of cards from me while he is gone?!! lol He won't want to come home will he? Well gotta go get my grass mowed before our son, DIL and granddaughters come over to do corn again tonight. I am going to do supper as they brought pizza last night. I hope you all are having a great hump day! Thanks for stopping by again today, you know how much I love and appreciate you all! Crafty hugs, Brenda

Entering my card over at Moxie's Fab World challenge on using clicking camera's. Thanks Carol!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Plane & Simple

Hello my crafty friends, I have a quick post for you today. I will be putting up corn tonight and have to get my chores done for today. I made a CAS card using My Creative Time stamps and dies as well as some snippets. It is a plain card, but I love the way it turned out. I was thinking about saving this one and sending to DS at college but then I thought it might embarrass him to get this with having 3 other room mates. Would you send this if you were me?? Maybe I should just save it for hubby and stick with funny cards to DS. I just don't know....Anyway thanks for stopping by for a spell today and as always your comments always make me smile and I so appreciate you coming by. Now it is off to work I go....Crafty hugs, Brenda   


Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Camper - BBTB2 Challenge

Hello my crafty friends, I hope this Monday finds you refreshed and ready for the new week! Did you see my title?? Happy Camper-wish I could say I was a happy camper, but I can't.  Now what am I not happy about you ask? My card, nope not happy with it at all. I wanted to do a layout but everything I started I messed up. First off I wasn't in the mood to craft. So of course nothing was going right. Then after going out to eat I thought maybe I was ready to start again. Nope! So I gave up on the layout thing and decided I would do a card. Ok, I was beginning to get into this shaped card but then it started. I thought I'd make my little camper one of those vintage ones, so it had to be metal. Ok, that went well, now the layers....first mistake....don't use Tombow glue with metallic papers. We all know how tacky Tombow glue is right?! Yea, I had some ooze out so I let it dry and then using the adhesive eraser I thought I'd rub it off. Well, I did but streaked the metallic papers in the process making a big mess. Second mistake you ask? Trying to make something when I wasn't in the mood for it. 
Ok, let's start at the beginning. My talented design team sister challenged us to use the Campin' Critters cartridge or to do anything project about camping. I've got plenty of camping pictures to scrap so that's why I was going to do a layout. But as you know I changed my mind and went with a card instead. So using Campin' Critters, I took the camper shadow and using my Gypsy I welded two shadow's together making a shaped card. I assembled my card and this is what we got. Would have been cutter had I added some curtains...Would have been prettier if I hadn't gotten glue oozing...Would have been better had I not did anything! lol Oh well that is the way it goes. I would love to have a little vintage camper...well any camper really. I would love to take trips in it in the summer time. As you all know this is wishful thinking because I am married to a farmer. And we all know a farmer doesn't leave the farm often. lol So my dreams of taking trips in a little camper is just that dreams. But that's ok, a girl can dream! I hope you check out my design team sisters for they have some awesome inspiration for you. Then get your Campin' Critter's cartridge dusted off and make a card. Don't have the Campin' Critter's cartridge you say?? Don't sweat it, just use any cartridge that has camping die cuts and make a project. Thanks for stopping by and sorry about wasting your time today. lol I appreciate you still visiting me and I hope you have an awesome crafty week! Crafty hugs, Brenda

Since I used snippets for everything but the card base, I am going over across the pond to play at Pixie's Playground and over at DL.ART's August linking party where it is anything goes. 

Friday, August 1, 2014


Hello my crafty friends, can you believe it is August?! I can't and refuse to give up summer. lol I guess I will have to won't I cause it hasn't been the warmest summer on record here and I hope that doesn't mean an early winter. I keep telling hubby I need to move to an area where they have short winters, and I do mean short!!! Wishful thinking I guess. Anyways I plan on enjoying summer for as long as I can. In the meantime I have a little card for you. I was over visiting with Darnell and fell in love with the sketch she used to make her card so I thought (even though the challenge is closed) I would make a card using the sketch over at CAS(E) this Sketch. I really loved Darnell's card and I really loved the sketch. I used products from My Creative Time and some washi tape. Not sure if it is SU washi tape or just some washi tape Studio G washi tape I picked up. Sorry! But the black polka dot and the yellow plaid are washi tape going down the left side of my card. The sentiment, bee and honeycomb/shadow came from My Creative Time. For the inside I used another bee and a few of the inside pieces from the honeycomb. On the outside bee I put some stickles on the wings for some sparkle. And that is it, a plain and simple but quick card to put in my stash. 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me for a spell. I hope you had an enjoyable visit and thank you for your lovely comments. They really do make me smile! Have a wonderful weekend-crafty hugs, Brenda