Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rudolph Day

Hello my crafty friends, I have just a little update before I show you my card. We went to see the family doctor again on Monday and he is running more blood tests on Lyme's, Pancreatis and the usual blood work and a abdomen/pelvic CAT scan. Saw our local oncologist today and he was more concerned this the fevers are higher than we first suspected. Our thermometer wasn't working right and we got a new one. Hubby's fever went up to 101.8 on Sunday evening, so doc didn't like that. He added on more blood work, port blood withdrawal and he added a chest CAT scan to the family doctors scan. Hubby has already did the blood work today and the CAT scan is for Thursday afternoon. So now it is just a matter of trying to "catch" whatever is causing the fevers with the blood work and scan. I know stuff going on in the blood work doesn't always show up right away. It took almost 2 years to get the "right" blood work to show up with my Lupus when they were trying to diagnose me. Doc talked to us about that and I told him I could relate, and when he found out that I had Lupus and RA, he said that I know exactly what he is talking about. Even now my doctor doesn't "catch" my Lupus acting up with blood work because the timing is usually off. So hopefully they will find something. If they can't after extensive testing,  doc said he will start hubby on the backup chemo plan and if it is his tumors causing the fever, and if the treatment works well like it did the first time, that could make the fevers go away. So we will see how it goes. I feel much better now that they are taking these fevers more serious! Last time hubby had a fever was when his tumor ruptured in the colon making him a lifetime chemo patient, but we didn't know he had a tumor. Family doc didn't take his fevers serious then either because his blood work was perfect. Well his blood work has been perfect this whole time all through chemo! So you can't go by just the blood work. Sorry, I said this was going to be quick and it wasn't. lol

Ok, I have been so tense, stressed and just plain in a funk so I had to go into my craft room for a while just to get away from all of this health stuff. It's weird because part of me wants to craft, but another part of me doesn't want too. But I forced myself to make a card for Rudolph Day. And low and behold I made two Christmas cards to go into my stash for this Christmas. But the one I'm entering into the Rudolph Day is the first one. Rudolph Day  always starts on the 25th of each month and runs to the end of that month. It's a great way to build your Christmas card stash, so I've been trying to play along each month, but I missed March's. Anyway I'm entering my card over at Rudolph Day. My card is a standard A2. I used some cork board material that Loll sent to me, bless her heart, she is just the sweetest! I also used SU's Wondrous Wreath and a sentiment from My Creative Time, as is my stitched layer. I embossed the sentiment in SU gold embossing powder along with the second layer of my wreath. I used my Misti to stamp the layers to my wreath, that worked out perfectly, I just didn't die cut it perfectly. lol But it wasn't to bad and I am please with how this card came out. I hope you like it too.

 Showing the gold shine. May stamp this bow and emboss in gold and then cut it out. I don't like that the bow loops don't have any "holes" in them. lol

My second card is just a simple little card too. I used My Creative Time Products on this one.

Thanks for stopping by to visit me, I always appreciate when you stop by. I love the love you guys always leave me, you are just the best!! Crafty hugs, Brenda


MaryH said...

Oh Wow! 2 such gorgeous cards, and I love them both. I'm glad you were able to work off some of this terrible stress and create these beauties. I'm hating to hear that D. is having to go through all this, and be frustrated that 'nothing' shows up. It is scary I know. #1 is very unique with the texture of that corkboard and the pretty wreath (which I thought looked perfect!). Loved the layout. Of course I liked the colors & design on #2. The dark blue against the white stitched bkground is stunning, and loved the dimension of that S gold hanger. Well done, you! Big hugs, lots of prayers. MM

Suzanne cricutcraftingrammyblogspot.com said...

Love both your cards but especially the cork one with the wreath. Really different and so pretty. Hope these blood tests get the infection pin pointed. Big hugs my friend.

D- said...

Both your cards are gorgeous. I'm so glad you took a little time out to craft.
I am so glad they are taking a closer look and taking his fevers more serious.
Take care my sweet friend.

Carol L said...

I'm glad you can retreat into your craft area to spend a little time creating. It's a good distraction when those medical issues have to be dealt with on a daily basis. The resulting cards are just beautiful, and I really love that wreath card with the cork panel! Although the bow is pretty, I see your point about wanting one with loops! It's those tiny details that I can't escape either once they enter my mind! lol the 2nd is such a pretty CAS card too, and I love the stitched ornament! Hang in there kiddo - better days are coming :)

jimlynn said...

Brenda, BOTH of these are WOW!!!! I love, love, love the wreath card and that cork looks perfect on there. Gorgeous!
I'm so glad they're starting to take this fever business serious now and hopefully can find out what the problem is. I know this is so stressful for both of you!
Hugs, Lynn

Leslie Germain said...

Oh WOW, Brenda!! You sure do have a lot on your mind!! I think taking time to make these cards was a good thing. And they are gorgeous!! LOVE the gold in the wreath with that cork piece and the stamped branch with that darling ornament is just great!!! Think crafting from time to time may be a good thing!!xo I love stopping by your blog - you are the best too!!

Sue said...

Hi Brenda that's how I started card making to work off the stress of hubby being ill and I agree like you sometimes I don't even want to craft but I drag myself in there to 'disappear' for a while. Hope you get some resolution soon your family are always in my prayers..and oops nearly forgot your cards!!! lol absolutely gorgeous really lovely..lots of huggles Sue xxxx

Sharon said...

So glad to hear that the doctors are taking Dewayne's fever seriously now! Maybe they can get to the bottom of it and take care of it!! Sending up prayers that all of these test will reveal something!!
I so love both of your cards!! The wreath is so very pretty. And the ornament hanging on the tree limb is wonderful!!! :)

scrappymo! said...

So happy you were able to have some "creative me" time. It is a lot to go though when a spouse is so seriously ill...it takes it's toll on him but also on you!

Hopefully they get to the bottom of what is causing these high temps.

Your cards are lovely. The wreath from that angled shot shows the lovely glimmer of the gilded leaves....looks beautiful!

Thanks for taking the time in your very busy schedule at the mo. to take part in the April Rudolph days Challenge. Good luck in the draw!

Darnell said...

Two outstanding cards, Brenda! I actually love that gold bow like it is. I don't know if it is this way IRL, but on the screen it looks like it is made with some kind of clay or molding material because the holes aren't there. Super unique!

But, ugh, I'm so sorry to hear the fevers are still going on for poor hubby. I was halfway through an email to you asking you how the appointment went today when I thought I'd better go and see if you had done a post. I thought that I had subscribed, so I've just double-checked that I am not, so that explains why I didn't get the updates.

Anyway, it sucks. There's just no other way to put it. I'm at least glad that they are finally taking this seriously on the local level and getting things going. I, too, understand about the inaccuracy or slowness of blood work. I had Epstein Barr virus years ago with excruciating headaches so bad I was in bed for six weeks. It took that long for the blood to "show" what was wrong so they could give me some relief. The same thing happens with my thyroid readings. They always come back fine even though I have had thyroid disease, had one half removed and have a dozen nodules in the other half! But try explaining that to new doctors who "go by the book" and just give you "the look" when the blood work comes back "normal." Grrr.

Well, that was rude talking about me, sorry, but maybe it took your mind off Dwayne for a minute!

Anyway, all that was to let you know I understand a bit about how frustrating the testing process can be. I'm sending big hugs and keeping you both in my prayers, as always. And now that I've subscribed, I'll be in touch better and keep up. Stay strong, little one! Love you, Auntie

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

I'm glad to hear that you could find some distraction in cardmaking, Brenda. A little break is well deserved sweetie.

The cards are gorgeous, lovely layers and gold shine at the first and very clever stamping at the second.

I so hope they'll soon find some help for your Hubby's fever and then go on with the further treatment.

Lots of love, prayers and gentle hugs

scrapqueen141 said...

Those are both beautiful cards Brenda. What a great outlet crafting can be!

Vickie said...

Your cards are awesome. So glad that the doctors are taking the fevers seriously.

Prayers my friend are coming at you and Dwayne.

Veerle said...

Oh dear, Brenda so sorry for you and your hubby. I know all about it when blood test results say differently from the body. I had been suffering a hole week from meningitis the blood test showed nothing not even my spinal fluids. It was after a very specialised test on the spinal fluid they discovered it and then there was panic because it was such a rare form of meningitis. Lucky for me the non deadly variation (then you need medication within 24hrs) if not i was not talking to you right now.
Another time i had an obstruction of my intestines, which was very dead threathening aswell again the blood test results showed no infection which should have been.I ended up having an emergency operation. So twice i almost didn't survive simply because the blood test results showed no problems. While i was so extremely sick at the same time. Hang in there my friend. My thoughts are with you both all the time. Here's a big comfort hug X x X Lots of love Veerle

Marilyn said...

Cute cards!! Sending prayers to your husband and hoping he will get some relief soon.

Anonymous said...

I love both of these cards. The wreath is so pretty and I love pine boughs. The gold looks fabulous. So glad the docs are paying attention now. I hope it's an easy fix. Thank goodness for crafting to take your mind off things for a little while. God bless you both with prayers and a good outcome.

Tina Campbell said...

Both are lovely cards :) Yep sometimes you got to go and enjoy the relaxation of crafting :) I look forward to hearing good news soon :) prayers my friend hugs too

Bonnie said...

I'm glad you took time to craft, Brenda! Sounds like you needed some card therapy! And what a pretty wreath you made! Love the gold leaves and bow and the cork is perfect for showing it off! Love the blue bauble too! Prayers that these tests will get to the bottom of the problem and a solution will come. Hugs.

Caroline said...

Brenda, both of your cards are absolutely beautiful. I love, love the simplicity of them.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad they are taking the fevers seriously. Hopefully they will be able to pinpoint the cause. Hopefully it will be a quick and easy fix. You are both in my daily prayers my friend.

I'm glad you are able to retreat to your craft room. Crafting is great therapy. Your cards are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the designs of each one!! You did an amazing job my friend!! Sending lots of comforting hugs!!

A Mermaid's Crafts

Kathleen said...

Two brilliant cards and love all the mirri card you have used on them, lovely shiny cards.

Kath x

Jo Williams Independent Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

Your cards are just gorgeous. Simple and perfect. They will be lovely to receive during the Holidays for some lucky people!

About Dwayne.... every time I read a post about the updates of his health, I feel sad. Very sad. I almost want to reach through the screen and hug both of you. You are so right though, you cannot always go by the bloodwork. I pray for you two always and I hope that the new tests will reveal what is causing these fevers. A fever staying high for too long is not good. I can only imagine how crappy he is feeling too, to top it all off. I really hope some answers come through very soon so they can start to address the issue and get him feeling better. And as for you not feeling like crafting sometimes, its okay. With everything you are holding onto and the fear you are carrying around, nobody would want to craft either sometimes. But Brenda I know I have told you this before and I am sure you have heard this from others before, but I am here if you ever need to talk, cry, vent.. day or night. I'm only a phone call away. I mean that.

Hettie said...

Beautiful cards Brenda. Love them both.
I do hope they get to the bottom of Hubby's blood problems. Knowing what you are fighting is half the battle.
Sending hugs

Unknown said...

Brenda, I'm so sorry about all of hubby's health stress lately. Hopefully they will figure it out soon and he's fever will clear up. Both of your cards are lovely. I really like the combo of the brown and gold on the first card. I never would have thought to use those colors on a Christmas card but they are fabulous.

Loll said...

Hi Brenda. I'm glad you had some time making cards. Even though you weren't really in the mood, it does provide a break from all the stress you've been going through. I hope you had a bit of relief from the worry.

And I'm so glad to hear that the dr's are stepping it up to find out what is causing Dwayne's fever. It's about time!! I'm sure all this waiting is just adding to the already stressful time for both of you.

Sending you and Dwayne big hugs and prayers.

Also, wanted to mention that I LOVE both your Christmas cards. The first one is so beautiful and I love the contrast with the cork and the gold embossing --- awesome! And LOVE the CAS design of your second card. Perfectly CAS ... with all that gorgeous white space and the bold colours of your branch and ornament and a little shine from the gold. xx

DIANA L. said...

Brenda, so glad you got a little time to make the beautiful cards . I pray your hubby will feel better soon. I am really glad to hear the Docs are being a little more understanding and we will be hopeful that continues. How do you like the misti. I am thinking of getting one? Is it worth it?
Have a blessed day, twin ;-)
http://dianamlarson.blogspot.com http://dianamlarson.ctmh.com

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Just stunning cards, Brenda love the colours your have used and great use of th cork, brilliant.

Had popped over to read this about four days ago but very hectic here, so did not comment as meant to,.. Never enough hours In a day so did not comment as I wanted.

However want you to know that am praying for a solution for all this dilemma as to what the real issue is!!
Praying most of all they will finally sort it out irrespective of what or what bloods do or don't say.
Hugs and much prayer,

Brenda in IN said...

Finally someone is trying to get to the bottom of the fevers. I'm so glad they are taking this seriously and hope there will be an answer. If not, at least they will be starting the treatments. When I make a card it takes all my concentration so I'm not thinking of other things at the time. That does help me and I have something nice to show for the time spent. So I'm happy you were able to lose yourself for a while. The wreath card is stunning with that gold bow and cork. Also love that ornament.

Anita in France said...

Two stunners, Brenda ... the cork texture is gorgeous ... and that gold bow ... just wow! You know I'm going to love all that white space with the shiny ornament ... fabulous! The power of prayer ... it's helping guide the doctors to find a solution to the fevers Dwayne's having ... keeping you both right up there, my friend! Keep your chin up! Hugs, Anita :)