Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Wonderland!

And the snow just keeps coming! Some area's have 16 inches already, I think we have between 14-16 inches. It has lighten up for a while, but will curve back around and dump another 6 inches or so on us. It is very pretty out and I'm not going any where today, so let it snow! lol Just wanted to share some of this beautiful snow with you all. I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have to be out in it, but I am so ready for spring to get here. I think I have had my fill of the snow! And what is so funny is today is mine and hubby's anniversary. The day we got married it snowed and we had to make our own tracks in the snow to the magistrates office as the road weren't even plowed yet! Very fitting to have snow today. Hubby told me that day 21 years ago that it was good luck if it snowed on your wedding day. It must have been because we have had a blessed 21 years together and I'm looking forward to 21+ years more! I hope where ever you are you are warm. If you are shoveling snow please be careful and don't over do it!! If you have an older home, check those roofs, they are having roofs collapsing from the weight of the snow and power outages are happening as well. So just beware and if you hear any funny cracking sounds, get out of the way and if you lose power I hope you have a generator or can so to a center to keep warm!! Better safe than sorry. Enjoy the pics everyone and come back tomorrow as I will have two posts for you tomorrow! Crafty hugs, Brenda

Back of our house looking out to the pool and fields

 Looking over into our neighbor's back yard.

Our neighbor's house. The '96 blizzard the snow drifts were up to his windows.

Looking out front down our road and yes there is a road in there.

Across the road from us at my BIL's house. 

Looking up towards the farm on the side of our driveway side of our house.


Mayras Designs said...

Wow!!!!!! That is lots and lots of snow !!! Make sure to stay warm my friend , I can only imagine how cold it is !!


Vickie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BRENDA and DWAYNE. yes very fitting that it is snowing today. And I'm glad that you instead of me with the snow. No I'm not glad that you are getting it. But I'm glad it isn't us.
Hugggggs my friend. You be safe.

MaryH said...

Whoo-EE, that makes our little storm look like a piker! Which is most ok! Your pictures are great...good views. It looks brrrr-y cold too. Happy Anniversary and guess 'twas plenty good luck 21 yrs ago...for each of you. Glad you are able to enjoy a beautiful evening together with a lovely meal. Hugs to you both. TFS MM

Tina Campbell said...

Happy Anniversary Brenda and to your Hubby too :) Yep we got that same white stuff today too, we ended up with 7" so far but saying we may get another 2 over night. Stay safe :)Tina

Brenda in IN said...

Happy Anniversary! Sorry I'm so late. You really got the snow dumped on. We've had 50.5 inches so far this year. Another 1/2" and we'll have a new record.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Brenda. The snow really made your day a beauty. But like you, I would stay inside too. lol Hope your day was wonderful.