Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pizza, who loves Pizza?!

My family loves pizza and since going through chemo hubby's had different "cravings". Right now he is on a pizza kick. So pizza it is! I make my own pizza dough, I just use the dough setting on my bread machine and let it handle mixing, heating to rise and all that good stuff. Then I get it out and place it on my pizza stones. After pricking with a fork, I bake my dough at 350 degrees for 5 to 8 minutes. This just ensures that the dough is done all the way through. Then I take it out and put the sauce, cheese and toppings on. Now with chemo comes acid reflux, so certain things bother hubby, like pepperoni. He still wants them on but not as many and wants them chopped up now. So I chop them up. lol Here is a pic of my crust after it is pricked and slightly baked. 

Next up is the sauce, cheese and toppings.The sauce that I used is either Prego or Ragu and sometime soon I want to make my own sauce instead of using store bought.  With the toppings the sky's the limit. For our pizza hubby wanted bacon, pepperoni and mushrooms. When they have a TX Holdem' poker night, I make all kinds of pizza's sometimes. A meat lovers pizza, Hawaiian pizza, etc...Now our bacon is fresh and just made so it looks different from store bought bacon. I diced up the pepperonies per hubby's request and I was out of canned mushrooms so I used some fresh mushroom stems we had left in the fridge from when hubby made crab meat stuff mushroom caps. So yummy-ok another recipe for another time. lol So here are my toppings:

And here is the done pizza, and yes, it was very tasty! lol

What's this you ask? Well let me explain. We have a weird kid, the youngest and he hates cheese. GASP!! Yep, he doesn't like cheese on his pizza, so when I make homemade pizza, he gets a special one. It really irks me when he takes off the cheese and throws it away. So he gets his own personal pizza with no cheese. Now as weird as that is (and he has been this way his whole life), he claims that he isn't the only one who does this! Really?! There are other 18 year old's who don't eat the cheese on their pizza?!! If you find this really weird (which hubby and I do) let me know. If you know someone who doesn't eat the cheese in their pizza let me know this too. lol 

Here is my pizza dough recipe, but don't worry if you don't want to make your own dough you can buy it in the can or frozen and even pre-made dough. I just like to cook with as much homemade things as I can and not use so much store bought items with all those preservatives and such. 

11 oz of warm water
3/4 tsp. of salt
3 tbsp. of coconut oil or olive oil
5 cups of flour
2 tbp of yeast

Place items in your bread machine in order listed ending with the yeast on top of the flour. I make a little "well" in the flour for it. My bread machine mixes and rises it for 1 hours and 20 minutes. Or mix it by hand by starting with the warm water and yeast. Mix in the rest of the ingredients. Place in a greased bowl and let rise someplace warm until doubled. Punch down and divide. This dough will make 2 pizzas. Sometimes I freeze my dough until I'm ready for it. Or just to have on hand. Just get out and let thaw and then roll out on your pizza stone. Now another thing my family loves, is pizza on the grill! I throw my pizza stone on the grill drizzled with oil and preheat them. I roll my dough out inside the house and pre-bake it slightly. Then I take it out to the grill and slide the dough onto the hot stone. Working quickly add your sauce, cheese and toppings. Put the lid down and let the pizza bake. Oh my, it is so good, much better on the grill, but then isn't everything better cooked outside and over an open fire?! lol If you have any questions just email me, My email is in my "about me".  Enjoy! 



Sharon said...

Looks yummy Brenda!!! I can't imagine anyone not liking cheese. Not way would I eat my pizza without it!!! :)

Tammy said...

Your pizza looks yummy, I know someone that doesn't like cheese on pizza so your son isn't alone lol I thought it was so weird when I learned this about them, I remember my reaction WHAT no cheese on your pizza. Lol

Leslierosek said...

Sounds wonderful Brenda. I will have to try some of your special techniques. Miss you. Leslie

MaryH said...

Looks yummy. You are such a good cook. And no, the kid's not weird, just has his own likes & dislikes. I know some folks who don't eat cheese. Me, I like anything on it but anchovies. I could go for a slice of either of these 2, rat now! TFS

Tina Campbell said...

Oh that does look good, we don't make the shells but we make our own sauce and build at home, best pizza is a homemade pizza :)