Sunday, September 9, 2018

Buzzing by.....

Hello my crafty friends, hope you all are having a great Sunday. Me not so much. I fell yesterday and broke some ribs again on my right side under my breast. Goodness, you'd think I'd learned to stand on my own two feet! Good thing was so many good Samaritans came over to help me as my friend was helping me get up. We were going to go do some shopping at Hobby Lobby. I don't know if I stepped on a stone in the road or what cause my ankle to roll, but it did and I could't recover from it. I just knew I didn't want my head to slam into the curb so I tried to get to the side walk before going down and I did. We shopped anyway, but as the time wore on, it got worse. So got my Motrin and slept in the recliner last night. sigh I need to be wrapped in bubble wrap me thinks! lol Surely don't want to be reporting all my falls to the doctor as they have to report them now and then you are made to use a walker and if it continues they can put you in a home. Not what I young for that! And on top of that, it has been raining since Friday evening...we have gotten at least 6 to 8 inches of rain if now more and it is still coming down like crazy! Water laying all over the backyard and flooding once again in other areas. Our church picnic grounds are underwater as well. But it lies low and when we get lots of rain, it floods. We still have the other hurricane to get through yet, hope it turns and goes back out to sea!!!

Anyway figured it was a good time to share some other cards I had made a while back. As always I will have supplies listed below in the recipe section at the end of this post. 

Printed my papers for this one from a Nitwit Digital Collection. I think they are so pretty and cute!

 Again, all papers were printed from the collection.

 And here is the encrusted jewel technique I did on this heart. I don't know what sentiment I'm going to place in this one yet, so left it blank for now. Was hard to get a good photo of it because of the holographic paper I used in gold. But love how it looks in real life!

I hope you enjoyed these couple of cards as much as I enjoyed making them. Always nice to have a few more cards for the stash as they never last for long do they?! lol But that is a good thing I think!

As always I thank you for stopping by and visiting with me a spell. I'm kinda laid up and can't go to work right now, so the visit is special for me right now. You know how much your comments bring rays of sunshine to my life and right now in this dreary world of mine it is so welcomed!

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
Nitwit Collection: Bee-lightful
My Creative Time (didn't look to see what the name of the stamp set is, so if you'd like to know let me know) for the bee's and sentiments
Glitter paper from my stash, which I am pretty sure is DCWV
Holographic paper is from Walmart I think. Not sure about that though!
Striped Washi tape from my stash and could be SU or could be generic from ACMoore-not sure about that either!
Zig/Arteza clean color markers for coloring
Vintage Photo DI for ink my bee hive and papers in the 2nd card.


Carol L said...

Oh dear Brenda, I am SO SORRY to learn you fractured ribs again due to a fall :( I cracked a rib once years ago from coughing and I was in misery for quite a while as I was about 7 months pregnant at the time! I feel for you, and broken ribs are nothing you'll soon forget, especially when you just recently broke them previously, right? I send warm comforting thoughts your way to heal as quickly as possible! I had no idea your doctor could force you into a nursing home against your will! Our freedoms are certainly taking a dive these days aren't they? Seems everyone else appoints themselves a judge and jury for everyone else's personal business in this day and age and I strongly disagree with it!
The cards are wonderful, and I'm especially fond of that last one with the gorgeous encrusted jewel technique! Love that glitzy, shimmery look!
Please do take care of yourself in the meantime! Get plenty of rest and allow your friends to give you a hand until you feel well enough to handle things on your own. Wish I lived closer :( Chin up, feet up, and just chill!

MaryH said...

Oh these are (1) adorable on the first 2, I'm loving your bee themes and the pretty layouts with the papers. (2) the encrusted heart is GOR-jus, and I've got the stuff to try this now, been given a demo, still haven't tried it. Your gold mat showed up very nicely on my monitor. It just sparkles. I'm so sorry to hear you've hurt those ribs again. But don't be too afraid of letting your dr know, if your resting and Motrin doesn't seem to work in a few days. It's very easy to stumble or trip over an uneven pavement, so don't feel clumsy or anything like that. It happens! And I think you have no worries about being 'put' somewhere...unless it would be rehab. You are way too young to think of that. Let Bret tend to those pups as much as possible. You take care! Hugs & TFS (and we haven't got our predicted rain as yet. The addy change seems to be working for the moment. Who knows how long?)

Liz said...

Super cards, Brenda. I love the papers you've used on the first two cards and the gold and black looks so classy on the third card.

Hope you're not in too much pain after your accident, wishing you a speedy recovery. xx

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, Brenda, I'm so sorry about your fall. I hope your ribs don't hurt too badly and that you feel much better soon. We got a ton of rain, too and our power went out. It just came back on after over a day. So frustrating!!

Your cards are all so beautiful!! I love the design of each one!! The bee designs are so cute!! And the sparkle and shimmer on the third one is fabulous!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh Brenda - that sounds terrible - the painful ribs and the possibilities if you won't stand on your own two feet.... take care there, and gentle cyber {{{{{hugs}}}}}.
Love your cards - the top two are so sweet with the bees buzzing around, and that jewel encrusted heart is stunning - love it!
Blessings and prayers

Anita in France said...

I'm so sorry you've broken more ribs, Brenda ... what a horrid thing to happen. Rest, recuperate and keep your chin up ... sending you some happy sunshine and blue skies to brighten your day! Sweet bee cards ... pretty, fun and summery ... and amazing encrusted art, so shimmery and jewel like! Take care, my friend ... and stay smiling! Hugs & prayers for a swift recovery, Anita :)

Veerle said...

Love your gorgeous cards Brenda. But OMGosh how awfull you fell again. I hope you soon be rid of the pain. The healing unfortunately will need its time 6-8 weeks I think for the ribs to grow back as they should ? Please take it easy my dear. Sending you warm love and a soft, gentle cuddle (gentle for the ribs)
Love Veerle x

Marilyn said...

Brenda! I am so sorry to hear about your fall! I have never heard of a dr putting someone in a home if you keep falling. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery. Love your cards. Love that digital paper also
Have a great day!

I Card Everyone said...

I am so worried about these falls, Brenda. You ARE too young for a nursing home!!
Sending hugs and prayers for quick healing!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards... xx

Bonnie said...

Oh Brenda! I'm so sorry you're hurt again. Take it easy and make sure you are healing well. I like your idea of bubble wrap. Maybe we should all wrap up in that.

Love your cards! Especially the encrusted jewels heart! It is hard to get a good photo of the gold paper, but I can see how elegant it is! The bee cards are lively and fun!

Take care. Hope you don't flood any more and the hurricane doesn't dump more rain in your area. Right now we're a little worried about wind and rain here. Things can change though. We'll be ready just in case. Putting bread pans of water in the freezer today in case we lose power. xoxo

Tina Campbell said...

Super cute cards and the heart looks freaking cool :) Oh No on the spill I hope your recover very soon.
How's the weather in your area? Not looking promising here, really starting to remind me of 2004 when we were getting back to back hurricanes and all the rain cause the flooding that year. Just might be seeing it again.
Hugs my friend, Tina

LesleyG said...

Hi Brenda you poor thing, such pain, I hope you heal as quick as you can, please take care. Lovely cards, the heart one is super glitzy xxx

Mac Mable said...

Your first two cards are super cute, love the sentiments and the printed papers and your layouts are fabulous. Your last card is full of bling and absolutely stunning. Great idea to leave the sentiment off until you are sure what you want x.
Oh Brenda I am so sorry about your fall. Cracked ribs are so painful (as you will know) and you must take it easy and recover. Glad you kept shopping!! x
Thinking of you with the weather too and I shall have everything crossed.
Sending love and hugs.... but not too tight as I'll hurt those ribs x

Darnell said...

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry to hear that you have injured yourself again! I remember how very long it took for those ribs to heal the first time and I pray they heal more quickly this time. Try to rest them. I hope Bret is there to do doggie things because those rascals can pull you or trip you. Bless your heart and sending tender hugs!! Love, Auntie

Oh, geez, forgot to tell you that your bee cards are - gotta say it - bee-utiful and you did an amazing job on your encrusted jeweled heart card!!

Loll said...

Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that you fell again. Broken ribs are so painful. Rest up and let them heal. Wish you a speedy recovery, my sweet friend!

Beautiful cards. Love the papers you've used on the first two. So pretty and the colours are gorgeous. But it's the encrusted heart that really shines (pun intended!). :) Great work with this technique. Your heart is so shimmery and the holographic colours come through on the photo.

Take care Brenda! xx

scrappymo! said...

Oh Brenda. Fractured ribs again! That seems so unfair...
Take care, Brenda. I wish you loved closed and I could cook a supper for you or just bring you over a pot of coffee so you could rest in your recliner and spare your poor ribs.

I resist a walker too. I do have one, suggested by the doctor, but I prefer my poles to the walker. I only use it for the paper craft garage sales as I can not walk 2 hours of my sticks but with the walker I can sit as I go through stacks of cardstock or DP.

Jenny L said...

Hi Brenda,
oh dear you are in the wars you poor thing.
You try to fathom out how it all happens but it all happens so fast you can't think why it happens.
So hope you are feeling a little more comfortable now.

I cannot go out without a walking frame now and it's my life line of getting about since I can't drive anymore with my eye problem.
I don't know what I would do without it as I was becoming a recluse without it, and I can walk so much further with it too.

Maybe try a stick because at least you could steady yourself if it happens again.

Love your wonderful cards and their super designs.
They look so fresh looking and lovely.
Those papers used are gorgeous and very pretty.
Love the Bees they look superb.

I do hope all mends well with your ribs and you are soon out of pain.
Lots of crafty love and gentle hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

Brenda in IN said...

Oh no, Brenda. I haven't been keeping up so I didn't know about your fall. Broken ribs are so painful and I hope by now you are getting some relief. The "bee" cards are so cute and I love the sentiments. The encrusted jewel card is just lovely and it shines so bright. Please take care of yourself and I'm sending prayers for a quick recovery.