Monday, August 22, 2016

What Do You Think??

Hello my crafty friends, popping in here for a bit to show you the progress of the flooring. Still have to get the quarter round installed and some caulking done. Bret did the quarter round in the kitchen pantry for me so I could put that closet back together and start emptying out the guest bedroom. I will also put the shelving back in the hall closet to get those items back in there. I will just have to keep stuff off the floor as he didn't do the quarter round in that closet. He does have part the living room done, then I realized that it would be better to get the closet's done, so I can get that stuff out the way. It's all that little stuff that seems to take up so much room! Right now my house is looking like a hoarder's house and I'm not liking that at all! Especially the kitchen and spare bedroom! 

Anyway, I'm beat! This isn't a job to do when you are trying to train a puppy! It came to a point when both dogs had to be in their crates a good bit of the time. Couldn't be helped. They did run around after we stopped for the day, but it was late and then I just wanted to go to bed as I was exhausted each night! We started first by ripping the years old, dirty (I shampooed all the time) carpeting out of the living room, dinning and hallway. Then the dinning and hallway carpeting was laid by a different store than the living room carpet and boy did we have a million and one staples to pull out the floor in the dinning and hallway. I didn't think we'd ever get them all done, but we did. Oh, who is we you ask? That would be Sandy, her husband, David and her brother Dale and of course myself. Sandy and I met in 5th grade and have been like sister's since. We claim each other as our sister. I grew up with her brothers, so they are all like brothers to me and of course Sandy, Dave and I ran around together as teens. So he is really like a BIL. After the nasty carpets and staples were out, we got to painting. Ok, I know it looks white! I didn't go with Bret's color choices because my house is small, my furniture is on the darker side and I just thought it would make things to dark. He wanted a darker tan and a red accent wall in the living and dinning room. Yeah, I didn't want to have to paint multiple coats of red either. I do love red however. So I decided on a  whipped buttery color....what, it doesn't look very buttery???? Yeah, you are right. The color I chose was called Toasted Oatmeal and it looked about like what I already had. lol In person you can tell a little bit that it is more of an "creamy" color compared to the ceiling. I didn't know that the paint chip was darker than the paint was going to be. So Bret wasn't a happy camper when he got home at my color choices. I told him he can change it, but he had to repaint. I wasn't! Painting all done on Thursday evening, so I did relax some on Friday. Not much with a puppy in the house, but some. Then Saturday morning the guys got started laying the floor.  I didn't take pictures of the old carpeting, because I know I have pics on my blog that shows some of the carpeting. It was light brown in the living room and that was over 30 years old. Dark brown for the dinning and hallway and that was 25 years old. Here's some pictures showing the floor coming along. Now take in mind that yes, the house did have original hardwood flooring. This house was Dwayne's grandparent's house and when they passed he bought it from the bank when the estate was settled. When we married though, the house was to small, so we started added on in Oct. 1992. Married in Feb. 1993. So walls were torn out and there the flooring was messed up due to the spots being filled in where the walls where taken out to get ready for a new floor-which was carpet. Thus why the floating floor now. Ok, here's the pics, warning pic heavy:

This is the type of flooring I picked. Is very durable, especially with dogs! Holds up to water as well. Got it at Home Depot,  the pattern, color I picked is called Highland Hickory.

Getting started in the living room with the first rows.  Bret gets it going.

Dale explaining something to David

 David adding a row of flooring.

Yay, living room half done!

Living room is done and now moving into the dinning/kitchen area's. 

Dinning room is more than half done as is the kitchen. My stove was their area where the guys wrote their measurements down for cutting of the flooring. Dave was doing some calculations.  

Bret working his way into the kitchen closet.

Kitchen done! Except for it looking like a hoarder lives here. :-(

Dinning room done!

Living room done!

Hallway done!

Now I get the honors of putting the house back together again. Bret left for college at 8 am this morning since he didn't have a class until 11 am. So I guess I'd better get started, but going to take my time and clean out before putting back. Besides, right now I'm the only one living here. Kitchen comes first because I can't even make anything to eat with all that mess in there. lol I'm not going to rush the things back up on the walls, that will come a little bit at a time. Plus some things will go back up and some won't, changing things up a little more. I am really pleased with how the floors turned out and even my choice of flooring. The dogs have been playing on the floor and no scratches, so that is a good thing. Of course they are having a hard time getting any traction. lol They just slip and slide all over. lol 

As always, thanks for putting up with me and my long posts. I hope you like the floors as much as I do. Now only 3 bedrooms to go! But that will be just one at a time. Not doing this much at one time again! As always your comments bring so much sunshine into my life and I appreciate you all so much!! 

Crafty hugs,

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Loll said...

Wow ... the flooring looks AWESOME Brenda! Great choice of colour ... so warm. Nice to have the same flooring throughout the house ... looks so beautiful. And always nice to have a fresh coat of paint. Getting the bedrooms done later will be great too. But no rush. You need a break!! That's a lot of work. You had a great group of guys helping. Take your time putting thing back and make sure to get some rest after all this hard work. xx

Carol L said...

The floors look beautiful!! You are so blessed to have wonderful friends and family doing this work for you, and you'll be so pleased after it's all done I'm sure! Enjoy :)

Lisa said...

Oh wow, I absolutely love it, Brenda!! You did a fabulous job with the choice of wood!! It looks amazing in your house and perfect against the toasted oatmeal walls!! How sweet of your friends to help!! Good luck with the rest of the installation!! And good luck to Bret with college this year!! Have a wonderful week my friend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Anita in France said...

Gosh, you've all worked so hard, Brenda ... and it was so worth it! I love the buttery paint colour, it's fantastic with the warm wood on the floor ... such a lovely combination! Enjoy putting everything where you want it ... and take your time! Hugs, Anita :)

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

Looking amazing Brenda sweet friend! We had Pergo laminate put all through our place 15 years ago and it's still like new (DH is full time wheelchair user) the only thing is, now after all this time, in some places where we have patio doors, the sun creeps in under the floor to ceiling vertical blinds and has slightly discoloured those areas, it's only in those areas though and not that noticeable really, because the blinds obscure it. Don't forget to rest yourself, we don't want you getting ill, because you've worn yourself out! have a good week my friend! Hazel xx
My Card Attic

Veerle said...

Looks great Brenda. But don't forget to take some rest in time okay.
Hugs Veerle x

Brenda in IN said...

Oh Brenda this is just gorgeous. I love the warm look and the shine.Isn't it wonderful to have everything clean and new! Now you can take your time and decide what you want back in. I still only have two pictures up and hardly anything on the mantle. I just haven't found anything that I truly love and don't want to put just anything up. I actually like the clean look. I had to have everything out for Bill to be able to find so it is nice to have a spare look right now. Except for my craft room, which does look like a hoarder lives here! Be careful with the dogs on your new floor. I have a plastic office mat under my chair and Molly hit that running, slid across the mat and dislocated her knee. I bet Savannah is growing so fast and is adorable.

Sharon said...

I am so loving your floors Brenda!!! So very pretty!! We have done our living room so far. So far means that was like 3 years ago!!! Want to get the bedrooms done at some point. I hate carpet!! Want it all gone!!
Bet it's fun watching the babies slipping and sliding. Ours did that too when we first got the living room done.
The task of putting everything back is the worst of it all!!
When we redid our bathroom last year, putting everything back into the closet was a real task. I did throw away a lot of stuff though!! :)

Jo Williams Independent Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

WOW Brenda! Love the new floors!!! They look beautiful and I love that color wood compared to your natural wood floors. I think you all did a fantastic job with it and I cannot wait to see how you transform each room once you have finished going through things and putting things back, and or adding new things in.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, the flooring is gorgeous! Looks great with light walls. So much work. I do not envy you that part. Thank goodness you have some great help. Just make some time to rest!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

What a great team of workers, don'cha love the way everyone pitched in, I do.... well done, on your hard yakka too, sis!
Fun to have a renovation like that.
Hugs and prayers, Shaz in Oz.x

I Card Everyone said...

I smiled about the paint choice ... my newest rule is: always choose the color below the one you first picked! I LOve your floor choice, Brenda! It will be perfect for the furry kids, and easy for you to care for! Thanks for sharing - now back to work! remember you're coming to help me move in a few weeks! =] =]

Tina Campbell said...

Oh WOW Brenda this looks fantastic :) Really gives it a nice polish look :) Went together rather quickly too by the way it looks. Enjoy putting it away as you got time to do it :) Big hugs my friend

Bonnie said...

The floors are really pretty and I know you will love the wood vs the carpet, especially with the pups. I'll bet they are a hoot running and sliding on those floors!

Misty Elam said...

It looks AMAZING, Brenda!!! I LOVE your new floor!! I wish we lived closer, I'd totally come over and help with whatever you needed and rent out my hubby as well!! Hey, even my little guy could've kept the dogs busy... hehehe Thanks for sharing the progress!! I bet you will feel soooo much better once it's all put away. =)

kiwimeskreations said...

What gorgeous floors Brenda - worth all the hassle!!! Enjoy them and the new look to your home. I would go with the lighter colours on the walls too - regardless of what others thought.... you have to live with them :-)

Marlena M. said...


Darnell said...

I am so happy for you, Brenda! There is nothing like new wooden floors! I love mine so much more than carpeting. I was surprised that they need to be swept more often than the carpet needed vacuuming, but that fact made me realize just how filthy my carpeting probably was!! I think you were right to go with the neutral wall color with that floor and your darker furniture. The walls can easily be changed once you get everything put back together and art on the walls so you can get the total picture. Sometimes creamy walls warm up when everything is put back. Don't forget to take some time every day to have a quiet rest so you don't overdo it! I worry about you! Love and hugs, Auntie

MaryH said...

This just looks awesome! How that wood gleams so richly. I think the color choices look very nice together. With the darker flooring, the walls look very easy on the eye, being a light color. It brightens the area, while the deep tones of the wood floor look so elegant. Take your time putting things away. I still haven't put back all the 'wall stuff' that had to be taken down. You'll probably find some of it, you don't want to put back. Brett & your friends did a splendid job! TFS & Hugs MM

Happy Dance said...

You must be exhausted! A new baby, Savannah, and the biggest and hardest areas to lay painting! Girl, rough job, but, you'll be thoroughly delighted once everything is tucked back into place. Gorgeous floor color. Not too light, not too dark, juuuuust right. Take your time putting things up or away. Don't overdo things or I'll have to come down there and shake my finger at you, lol! We need our floors refinished here, but I'm in no hurry. Got more important things ahappenin' right now. Thanks for keeping us up to date, and loved seeing the pix. Take good care of yourself sweetheart. Bev

Sheila H said...

Hi, Btenda. I am just getting back to blogging myself so am quite late with my comments on this post. Your floors are gorgeous! I can't imagine doing all that work. What a blessing to have friends and your son help. Keep us posted and take care!

Donna Ellis said...

Wow! What a beautiful look your new floors are giving your home! We love our hardwood, so I know you'll be excited at the ease of clean up, and the great feeling it affords!

Brenda, I am hoping you enjoy your new renovations after all the work is done! We certainly did! Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork soon!