Monday, March 31, 2014

April Showers-BBTB2 Challenge

Hello my crafty friends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We went to open house at the college our son is attending in the fall. Boy what a busy day. Hubby and I never went to college so we don't have the first clue about college. Our other 5 boys got their college educations through their employers or on their own with hubby just filling out the FASFA info. So this was our first open house. The college is Pennsylvania Technology College and is affiliated with Penn State. Our son would have loved to have went to Penn State and his SAT's and grades were good enough but they didn't have his major he wanted. So his next best place to go was Penn Tech. It is a beautiful campus and it is right by the Susquehanna River in Williamsport. I think he will be very happy there. He will have a 2 1/2 hour drive home when he wants to come home for a weekend. So not far, but far enough. It's a good match. But I have to tell you I'm kinda' freaking out that my baby is leaving the nest in August and I won't have any kids home anymore!! I know it will be nice once I get used to it, but I've never been kid-less (33 years of having kids home) and that will be so strange for me. I will really miss him, but he is a home body and I know he will be coming home often. Why is it so hard to let our children go? I can do it, but on the inside it tears me up to do it. You'd think I would be really good at it by now since the other 5 have been out the nest for a while now, but sadly I'm not. lol

Of course since it is Monday, it is time for a new BBTB2 challenge. I think Sharon has given me bad luck with this challenge. lol Our challenge is April Showers. It's not April yet, but we have been dumped on with rain. Flood warnings everywhere and of course we have water coming in the basement. It just doesn't want to leave and the storm system is sitting over us spinning. Our yard looks like a giant swimming pool and it just got dried out enough to walk in it. *sigh* On the bright side, our temps are in the 50's. lol Well enough of that, let's get on with the challenge. As I said our sweet and talented design team sister, Sharon gave us the challenge of April Showers. Of course when you think of showers, your mind goes right to an umbrella or at least mine does. So I knew right away what cart I wanted to use. A Child's Year. What I didn't know is how I wanted to use it. I decided to use the cart feature with the umbrella and rain. They have one with just an umbrella too. But I wanted the rain. I cut it out at 5.50 inches in blue paper. I put paper on the inside cover to make the umbrella look pretty. Then for the rain drops I used blue gems. I put a pearl on the umbrella top and for the handle some green gems. My little boots are a My Creative die. I used some different pattern paper for the inside. My sentiments are from Cardz TV. Come back on Saturday because we are having a blog hop at Cardz TV introducing a new stamp set that Mary has in the store called "Count Your Blessings". And that is it for my card. I kept it simple and quick because this old mamma was bushed from the open house at the college and my Lupus was giving me a hard time and of course there was the rain! lol

I hope you will get crafty with us and link up your April showers project. Just please check out our simple rules and make sure to use your Cricut. Looking forward to seeing your projects! As always thank you for visiting with me. I love your comments, they always put a smile on my face! Crafty hugs, Brenda


Vickie said...

I love how you did the rain. Awesome card my friend.

Bonnie said...

I love the contrast of the rainy day and sunny colors! And the raindrops and rhinestone handle on the umbrella are fabulous!

Melinda Beltran said...

What a pretty card Ms. Brenda! Sometimes keeping it simple is the best! Turned out perfect!

Lisa said...

What a beautiful card, Brenda!! I love how you used the rhinestones for rain!! What an absolutely gorgeous sentiment!! Love this!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

jimlynn said...

Great CAS card! Love the way you did the raindrops on here Brenda and of course that paper piecing on the boots and umbrella! Hope y'all dry out soon.
I think it's always harder when that last child finally leaves the nest. At least he won't be far away.

Mollie said...

LOVE your card, Brenda! So pretty! Great job with the challenge this week! Hope you recover from your busy weekend!

Have a wonderful day!

Mollie's Motif

MaryH said...

Great interpretation of the theme. Love the blue background behind the cheery umbrella & boots..and your raindrops sparkle just like actual rain as it falls. Really pretty card, inside & out. TFS & Hugs

Mayras Designs said...

Great card , I love the design and the soft pretty colors !!

Brenda , I think I will feel the same way as you do when my sons go to college . Last year my oldest son started middle school , I cried that first day .

You must be so proud yet it must be bittersweet at the same time !!


Sue said...

Love your card Brenda:) and we know what it's like in the UK for rain and flooding lol not nice at all...I was the same as you when my children left to go to Uni but oh heck they have come back and bring the grandchildren on a regular basis hahahaha ..lots of huggles Sue xxx

Anonymous said...

Brenda, this is so pretty. Love the blingy raindrops. Yellow was the perfect color for that blue. Love those yellow rain boots.

Brenda in IN said...

Oh Brenda, this is a great card. Love the raindrops and boots. That's a good idea to use the bling for the rain. I know about that empty nest. When my son was in college I had one still home and when he left for college the other son was out and home for six months. But then he got an apartment and it was so hard to have them both gone. That's when we became set in our ways!!

Carol L said...

I just love the scalloped edges of your April showers card! The blue bling raindrops set this card apart from the others, and I love the paper pieced boots and matching umbrella!
I feel your anguish over the empty nest situation. I only had 2 children, but after the youngest moved out, the house no longer felt like home somehow! Life changes and we'll continue to roll with the blows :) {{hugs}}

Karen said...

This is fab Brenda, love the umbrella and my brain is now singing to 'Umbrella' lol! Love the yellow brolly and blue gems for the rain drops.
Thank you so much for the lovely comments you regularly leave me. I end up smiling when I see your name. I can't help you out with the empty next thing cos never had kids but I hope it doesn't get too hard for you.
Make sure you rest loads this week - the Lupus you have is a lot of hard work on the body, not that you don't already know that. It's funny what you say about the rain because I can normally tell when it is going to rain over here as I ache so much more and that can last for days! I hope you have a lovely, dry and warm week Karen x

Sharon said...

Didn't mean to bring you back luck Brenda!!! :) Our rain is coming in on Thursday night. :(
I so love your card. The umbrella is great. And those rain boots are just so cute! Love the gems as raindrops!! :)
We have two children. It was hard when the first left, but I still had one at home for several years. When she left, I was a basket case for a little while and then got to liking the quiet time. Now the grands take up that quiet time. But I love it!!!! :)

Laura Pizz said...

Beautiful card! ~Laura

Caroline said...

I absolutely love the sentiment on you card. Cute boots and umbrella! I know what you mean about kids leaving the nest. It is sooo hard. My youngest is getting ready to leave again to his own apartment. He is such a sweetheart and I will miss him!

cm said...

Brenda, I sooo hear you about having 'enough' with the rain! Our small town of Canmore, Alberta was hit by a mega-flood last year, and still people are trying to deal with the damage. While we were evacuated for a couple days (while, I husband was trying madly to get home, as he was trying to get to a bike race at Mt. Hood, but turned back when he heard the news), our place was safe. Let's just say that when it rains, we all get a little anxious. As for your son: I have no kids of my own, just a niece and nephew. Hard enough to be four hours' away from them! Your boy will be home, lots! What an awesome mom you are! Your card is DARLING! Sweet, simple, with a heart-warming message. Adorable! You work magic with MTC products! Hope you're feeling re-energized today!

Carole Beath said...

Brenda, such a cute card.... Had to stop by and tell ya that...I've been under layers of fabrics and quilts and haven't gotten around to the blogs lately. My bad.
Hope all is well. Hugs.

Jaren said...

Love the sparkly rain drops! I dread the day all my kids leave home! I know it is so bitter-sweet.

Darnell said...

This is so super cute, Brenda! I love the colors! I'm sorry to hear you are getting too much rain. You can send some of it here!

Boy, having your youngest bird leave the nest is going to be a tough transition, no question. I can't even imagine. It's nice for you that he isn't too far away and he's the type that will be coming home often. That makes it a "weaning" process, which is easier. In time, he will start coming home and you'll be like "Geez, I just cleaned that. When is he leaving?" lol At least that's how it went for me. Gosh, you must be so proud of all your men!! Have a great week! Hugs, Darnell

DIANA L. said...

I love it Brenda-- The raindrops the umbrella and the rubber boots. We have had rain also, but we are all jumping for joy. Because we need it so bad. We are in an emergency drought situation right now. Yes I agree with you perfect timing for this challenge Have a blessed day

Pam MacKay said...

Brenda I love your card inside and out! Love little pattern boots are so cheery in the yellow and I love the added rhinestones for the rain! Darling Card! Hugs your DT Sister Pam

Sheila H said...

Your card is so pretty, both inside and out. I love the raindrops! Let me tell you, having an empty nest does take some getting used to, but it's a good thing. Congrats to your son re his college acceptance!

cm said...

Hi Brenda, your comment made it through (silly blog giving you an error message!), and wow - you have added umpteen sparkles to my day! The MCT coffee cup is new to my collection - love it - and the background stamps are so sweet. I need to figure out other uses for them - great for backgrounds (although I tend to rely on patterned paper). I'm totally hooked on MCT products; hope she has a new release and sale soon (as if I need, yes, yes I do!). Hope you're having a good day, feeling energized after your trip! Hugs~c

Scrapping Girl said...

Hopefully you will dry out soon and the yard won't be so soggy! Love the bling for the raindrops! You need some cheery yellow rain boots like the ones on your card! And I LOVE that sentiment you used!

Stacy said...

What a great card. I really love the rain and the sentiment. Well done my friend, well done
Hugs, Stacy

The Queen (Laura) said...

So pretty! Love the bling, and the and boots. Pretty inside and out. Lots of Hugs,

Jules said...

Aahhh.. bless you Brenda.

It is hard being a Mummy sometimes is't it?

I hated it when my nest was empty .. but have slowly got used to it.

I had two Sons. One that went to Uni in London and set up home there and the other has stayed local.

I still miss them both being around .. .. even now .. .. but they have to grow and make their own lives. I just thought they would be babies for ages!!

Great card. I love the paper piecing and the beautiful inside.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my blog. Sorry I don't get to call by very often. The world of weddings is very busy at the moment!

Hope you have a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

moknowsall said...

Nice card and sentiment. Congrats to your sons choice, I never knew the process either as I got my education through my employer too, then my son did most of the work to apply and choose his college. We have rain here today on and off too. We didn't want to come home from our trip to AZ and Palm Springs since the weather was in the 80s


Tina Campbell said...

Sweetest card :) awww the empty nest, have you decided which room the craftroom will be in? LOL that was the best thing about all the kids out of the house, I had a room that I could just enjoy, and enjoy spending time in. It does get easier after awhile and you got G-kids that helps. You'll have to give me a heads up when your up these parts again, maybe we can get together for lunch :)