Friday, January 18, 2013

Look at what my son made me!

Hi my crafty friends, hope you are warm where you are at because it is cold here! lol I am changing gears here today for a minute so instead of crafty papers projects I'm going to share a wood crafty project my youngest made for us.  I just had to share!  He got third place on it at school. I think he did a fabulous job and will be glad to have my table back that the tv sits on now.

This is my table that the tv sits on right now:

And here is the cabinet that my son made:

He made "behind the door" storage for DVD's and whatnot:

It is made of oak and it is heavy!!! And the top of the cabinet:

Wasn't that sweet of him to do?!  My other 5 boys made beautiful furniture too but they never made us anything, which I was ok with because I wanted them to have their own furniture. My youngest and son #4 has made me some craft room things though. But our 6th child wanted to make us a tv stand since he has know I've wanted one for quite a while now.  He had already make himself a tv stand for his room which he got Honorable Mention on. Now he doesn't know what he wants to build next. lol  I think this was so sweet of him to do.  Thanks for looking my crafty friends, have a wonderful weekend!! And stay warm where ever you may be!!  Crafty hugs!


Suzanne said...

Wow Brenda! He did a gorgeous job. I really love it and love the stain. What a wonderful tv stand and so much storage. :)

The Queen (Laura) said...

This was REALLY sweet of your son! This is awesome! Love the storage space. You are one lucky Mama. I hope you are staying warm too!
Lots of Hugs,

Jules said...

Hi Brenda

Golly, golly gosh!!! How amazing is that cabinet .. .. totally amazing!!

The wood is gorgeous and the workmanship fantastic. My Dad used to make furniture .. .. but never anything like this!!

You sound like one very creative family.

I thought I was following your lovely blog but cannot see my mug shot anymore so have added myself.

Have a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

Susan Edwards said...

Wow! He did a wonderful job!!! What a crafty guy to have around. Send him over to build some shelves in my office, will you??? :)


Annette said...

Wow! Ask your boy if he would like to visit So.Cal. for a few days. You sure are a lucky Mommy. Stay warm, you must have gotten that cold we had here for a couple weeks. We don't do cold here (bunch of babies we are).

MaryH said...

Brett did a fantastic job. I love oak, and this is really a lovely piece, and you are justly proud of it. I think that says a lot about your son, that he made his FOLKS something, instead of making something he might have wanted. Tell him "GOOD JOB" and thanks for being a good son. Hugs & TFS

magicwanda said...

Wow, Brenda he did a fantastic job.... It looks like something you would buy out

DonnaMundinger said...

WOW! How gorgeous and professional looking! Fabulous work. You must be one proud and happy MOm. xxD

Darnell said...

This is an incredible TV cabinet and storage your son made for you, Brenda! Check you out! You might have major Lupus onions to peel, but you sound blessed in the Child Department! My goodness!!

Karen said...

Wow Brenda - that is gorgeous! Does he do bespoke?! Maybe you could design some crafty storage and your son could make it. Good quality wood is so expensive in the UK - what a fabulous gift for his parents Karen xx