Sunday, November 18, 2012

So Grateful and Thankful!

Hi my crafty friends, Brenda here and today at Sweet Sassy Diva we were asked to make a project for something we are grateful for.  I was inspired by Cheri over at DJ's Sundries and Mary over at CardzTV.  Mary inspired me to use the Artiste cart and make the 3D pumpkin but she added more layers. And even though I didn't do it the way she did, she did inspire me to do this.  Now for the rest of my project I lifted from Cheri.  She had an amazing idea and I went with it because I so loved it!  She has an awesome video too for you to watch here, just scroll down a little and it will be there.  Sooo, I started with the Ariste cart and cut out 16 3D pumpkins at 4.5 inches I think.  Sorry I can't remember for sure.  Because they have a slit in each one, I cut both.  So 8 with the slit at the top and 8 with the slit at the bottom.  Had this cart been in my Gypsy I would have hid the slits, but it's not so I didn't. lol  But I did find that I like the slit on the bottom and not the top.  So if you are going to use this pumpkin I would use the bottom slitted one.  You can also use any scallop you like as long as you cut a flat bottom on them.  I just happend to like that shape of the Artiste 3D one.

After cutting them all I folded them in half and dry embossed them.  Also you will want to ink them at this stage too.  Ink on the inside fold.

Next you will start gluing them together by stacking them.

Here's what it will look like after they are all stacked and spread out.  I also wrapped hemp around a paper clip to use to hold a special little surprise.

Want to know what that special little surprise is???  It's a little mini to record what I am thankful for for many years!  It will hold the years 2011 to 2019!  I love that I can write what I am thankful for on each Thanksgiving!  I'm starting with last year because it was a special year in that a son of mine came home for the first time in years and had Thanksgiving dinner with us. I took a tag from Plantin Schoolbook and welded them together.  I put it on my matt diagonally because I wanted an extra tag and that was the only way to fit it on a 12x12 piece of cardstock.

I also cut two more sizes of tags not welded together for my layers. I took some old Creative Memoires Sticker letters and put my years and title on each tag.

Here's what it looks like all done. My leaves on my curly cues are from My Creative Time dies.  I think it will be cute sitting on my table.  I am going to enjoy writing what I'm thankful for each year!!

So what can you make to show how grateful or who you are greatful for?  Happy Craftin my friends!


Migdalia said...

WOW!!Very pretty and creative too!
Have a wonderful Sunday,

TerriK said...

I love your pumpkin, Brenda! I love the embossing. The mini tag journal is so cute.

Julie said...

Oooooh how cute!! Great job girly!!
Hugs, Julie

The Queen (Laura) said...

This is so amazing! I love it! The embossing really pops, and the tags are so cute! I am truly thankful to have such a crafty friend in you!

Lots of Hugs,

Bella and Aidees Mom said...

This is super cute..Love the embossing and your helpful ways of explaining in detail what u did:) Krista

scrappymo! said...

Great tutorial...I like a visual turtorial!
I emailed the blog photo resizing to you!

Jules said...

Hi Brenda

What a brilliant idea. I love the little tag book .. .. so cute!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Love Jules xx

Unknown said...

What a wonderful and crafty idea. It turned out so very cute. I just might have to scrap lift your idea. Love it!