Monday, August 6, 2012

A Special Favor to Ask

Hi all my crafty friends.  I have a special favor to ask of you sweet ladies and gents if there are any reading this. I have a friend who's nephew is turning 13 soon and we would like to shower him with a card shower.  Now he's not just any ordinary boy, he is special.  Why you ask?  Because he has went through so much this past year.  He had cancer and they had to take his leg because of it.  He has had to go through treatments that are very hard on him, but he remains upbeat and as sweet as he can be.  He has also missed a whole year of school with his friends.  He so deserves this card shower.  Could you ladies/gents help me out???  Send Chris a card to help him celebrate becoming a teen!  Thank you in advance, you guys are the best!!!

Here is a little about him and his address:

I am writing this note to invite you to join in celebrating the birthday of Pat Freed's nephew, Chris. As you recall, he is battling cancer. Chris will be 13 years old on August 25. Would you care to join us in another card shower to help him celebrate this momentous occasion?
Pat has shared with me that Chris has had an extremely stressful year. He is facing the last 3 chemo sessions in the near future. He has been fitted with a prosthesis and uses it quite a bit. As the new school year approaches, he hopes (as we do) that he will be able to join his classmates at the end of September or early October. By that time he should be done with his chemo treatments. Of course, this time is tentative because throughout this process there have been postponements of treatment due to fevers and other complications. Prayers and good thoughts are so powerful.
His address is:
Christopher Palumbo
5 Spring Street
Waverly, NY 14892
P.S. As before, please share this note with others who may wish to help Chris celebrate the BIG "13".

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