Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sad, sad day in my community and school district

It is with a heavy heart that make this post today.  Yesterday about 2:45 pm 5 teens from our school lost their lives in a horrific accident.  There was one senior, 3 juniors and one sophomore.  The sophomore rode the bus with my son.  The car for some unknown reason, swerved into the path of a pick up truck hauling an empty horse trailer.  The truck tried to avoid the teens, but when he slammed on his brakes, his trailer kept the momentum going.  The teens were killed instantly.  The car had to be picked up in pieces.  The family in the truck where not injured physically, I'm sure they will have emotional scars. The Gettysburg State Police has ruled out speed and alcohol as a factor in this accident.  A small blessing. Please, please keep all these teens families in your prayers this holiday season, they have a difficult journey ahead of them. 

On to much happier news.  Our son is back in the states from Afghan!!  He will be home in a few days and we are super excited to welcome him home!!!  I have a banner that we will be holding for when he gets off the bus at his home unit.  I will share that very soon.  Thanks to all who kept him in your prayers this whole year.  It is good to have him back home safe and sound.  But with that said, our oldest will be deploying sometime in '12.  This will be his 4th or 5th deployment.  I know how can I lose track right?  Well after a while you have to just let it go because if you dwell on it all the time it will literally drive you crazy with worry!!! That's not to say that I don't dwell at all, Lord knows I'm a worrier!!  I tell you it doesn't get any easier once they are grown!!

Have a wonderful day my crafty friends and I will be back soon with some projects for you.  Some I just haven't posted yet, but soon will.  Blessings and hugs, Brenda

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Nadia (WithGlitteringEyes.blogspot.com) said...

Sending prayers for your community and its loss.

Best wishes for your family and the great news about your son!