Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mother's Day card

Hi crafty friends!  This is Brenda from Friends Craftin' with Friends.  This week on Sweet Sassy Diva we were asked to make something in honor of mothers since Mother's Day is upon us.  Since my MIL loves flowers I decided to do a flower pot card to go with her gift.  But I wanted more of a 3D look to my flowers.  So I made my card base first, which is the pot.  I started out with my base size being 3.50" x 9".  I scored my base at 2" and 5.50".  Fold down the 2" side and then fold the 5.50" score back.

One the 2" score, use a decorative punch and punch the edge of the paper.  Here is my punched edge, at this point you can ink your base if you so wish too.
At this point put on ribbon if so desired around the punched area.  I did not do that and it was harder to get it through once I decided to put twine around.  Now move onto your insert for the base.  I used the same color as I did for my pot.  Cut your cardstock at 2.50" x 4.50".  Cut a white mat at 2.25" x 4.25".  Adhear to your insert base. Go ahead and decorate and stamp your mat.
Now come the slightly tricky part.  Place your card base back into you trimmer.  Place the 2" score line on the cut groove of your paper cutter and the 5.5" score line at the .50" mark and cut.  Do the same for the other side of your card base.  Now your card should look like a flower pot.

 Here you can see that your base is in the shape of a flower pot.  Those little slices of cardstock are what I cut off each side.
Now would be a good time to add your ribbon, twine or anything else around the lip of the pot.  I choose to use twine. And then I pop dotted up the "lip" of the pot. This is optional.  Next you want to open your base card and place your insert on the base, making sure that the bottom lines up with the bottom of your pot.  This fits perfectly.  Now put adhesive on either side of the insert on the base.  Fold card base back up. 

Now is a good time to make sure your base slides in and out without any problems.  Now you are ready to put flowers on the insert!  I chose to use flowers from CTMH Art Philosophy and Flower Shoppe.  I also added some sticker insects to my card among the flowers and on the pot. I also hung a tag on my twine and used My Creative Time stamps and dies.  Here is my finished card!  All my MIL has to do is pull out the flower insert to see her Mother's Day message!!

I hope that you have enjoyed the design teams take on this challenge and I hope that you will take something beautiful for the mother's in your life! 


Suzanne said...

Absolutely stunning. I need to make one of these again. Love your flowers

The Queen (Laura) said...

These are so fun to make. Love the beautiful flowers. Great job my friend! I sent you an e-mail about the blog candy. Hope to hear from you soon.
Lots of Hugs,

Migdalia said...

Lovely!I love it!TFS

JenL said...

Beautiful card Brenda!! Love the tutorial. I'm sure your MIL will love the card.