Friday, January 20, 2017

I SAW it was Your Birthday!

Hello my crafty friends, long time no talk! Happy New Year!!! I hope your new year is off to a good start. I started out with furnace problems and no heat. Finally after having the furnace guy here 4 times (3 days in a row and twice in one day), it is working!!! Thank God for small favors as my furnace is over 60 years old! Thinking that I was going to have to buy a new furnace, I was a happy camper when the furnace man told me my furnace was still good and pretty efficient for as old as it is. It is operating at over 70% and he said that the new furnaces operate at 10% more, so not bad for a furnace over 60 years old! He only cleaned the nozzle where the oil comes out and then replaced it because it wasn't the right tip he learned later. We found out later though that something needed taped together so when the furnace kicked on, they would move and couldn't create an arc to spark ignition.

Went to post this post the last week and my computer charging cord stopped working, so had to order another one. Finally I am able to post now. Checking email and answering email on a smart phone is nice, but not something you want to do all the time! Old eyes!!! lol 

January is a big birthday month around here. The 3rd is Dwayne's birthday as well as one of our granddaughters. Then Bret left to go back to college on the 8th, which was also son #3's birthday. Yep, he was born on Elvis's birthday. Bret is home this weekend for his birthday, which is Jan. 24th. Haven't even made him a card yet! But will and then will mail it to him at college. Thought it might be nice to get a birthday card up there since his birthday is on Tuesday. We are going out Sunday with very close friends for crabs and shrimp for his birthday.  OMGosh, my baby is turning 21! My oldest.....35.  The other 4....33 down to 29. What the heck, how does this happen?!! lol Time waits for no one!!! lol And I'm feeling so old. 

So I have two birthday cards for you today.  These two cards are for son #3 and our granddaughter, who shares a birthday with Dwayne. I have been making some Valentine cards too, hope to share them soon as well. 

This is granddaughter's card. I had the card made, but didn't have a sentiment on the front, so added it. I colored this little bear with my Spectrum Noirs, this cutie came from Paper Crafting World from when I was on Melin's DT. 

 I know tool boxes don't have fancy feet on them, I should have used a square to cut out the bottom, but I didn't. lol This is Son #3's card. 

Here are some updated shots of Savannah as well. She is really growing big. Around 70 lbs now and so strong! She is now 7 months old, will be 8 months on the 6th of Feb. She graduated her other training class just before Christmas with flying colors! I was so proud of her! Of course she is still puppy, but listens so much better now. I tell you, doing those 2 rounds of training was worth the money!!! Now I know how to train a dog! And that's half the battle. Anyway, I think she is growing into a beautiful girl and yes, she has finally grown into those ears! lol 

As always thanks so much for stopping by and visiting for a spell. It hasn't been a hard winter so far and that makes me happy. But we have had some icy messes, although they haven't lasted long and melted, thank goodness because I hate ice! Give me snow over ice!!! I always appreciate your comments, they always bring rays of sunshine to a dreary winters day for me!! 

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
Zig Clean Color markers for coloring the tools
Spectrum Noirs for coloring the bear
My Creative Time- Greatest Handy Man, Stitched Party dies
Bear image-Paper Crafting World
Paper Trey Ink for the "Happy Birthday"


kiwimeskreations said...

Trying again... your cards are delightful Brenda - the image on your grand daughters is a sweetie, and who said tool boxes could not have fancy feet!! Savannah looks amazing, and just as well she is now well behaved :-)

Marilyn said...

Cute cards!! Happy New Year to you too!! Happy birthday to your son and granddaughter. MY granddaughter's birthday was on the 8th also.

Tina Campbell said...

So glad that the furnace worked as it did and is now working :)
Such cute cards too, Happy Birthday to everybody :)
Savannah is a gorgeous dog, glad the training went so well (I'm all for obedience training when it comes to a dog and early is better than later :) and yes she did grow into those ears :) Hugs my friend and have a great weekend with your Boy :) Yes it's tough to start counting the ages of the kids my oldest just turned 38 this month oh my!

Inkyfingers said...

Hello Brenda, and it is so good see a post from you again! I'm sorry to hear about your furnace and computer cord nuisances, but glad to hear you are ship shape again. What a lot of January birthdays you have - for us it is September that has the most but in most families they tend to come in bunches don't they. Your 2 lovely cards will really hit the spot, I'm sure. The sweet strawberry card is just so cute for your granddaughter and the tools mixed with the balloons and banner make such a great masculine birthday card. Savannah is such a gorgeous dog and clever too by the sound of it -I'm glad to hear she did so well with her training.
Take care and have a good celebration on Sunday.
Carol x

Carol L said...

I'm so glad you got the furnace fixed. I know those old ones break down a lot, but keep in mind they do NOT build them with good materials in this day and age as they did 50 years ago! Nothing is built well anymore IMHO. Thank goodness the weather has been relatively mild to begin with. Cute cards for your granddaughter and son. I love the little twine bow in the bear's "hair" and your son's toolbox has feet on it - and I love how that turned out! I'm sure he's going to be impressed with it too and not even notice the feet. Savannah is one gorgeous dog too - she stands so tall and will be such a comfort to you in years to come! Have a great time eating those wonderful seafoods.............yum :)

Veerle said...

So glad your furnace is working again Brenda. Heat is everything this time of year. Your cards are so adorable, love them. I have been MIA for the past week as I am struck with a severe influenza. Been out since last sunday. I hope with resting tomoroww aswell I will be on my feet again by monday morning. As I have 4 workshop ladies comming in at 9h30 and on tuesday I have to take my mum to the hospital for a special check up on her eyes. So I MUST be on my feet again. As for my fur baby Billy he is doing great. Still some coordination problems and he can't walk straight yet with his back legs but he walks great. From here until full recovery it will take months the doc said. But he already is doing so great, the doc was very surprised at what he could do on 4 weeks. But then he ofcourse had the best nurse he could have ahum LOL.
Sending you love and hugs Brenda, Veerle xx

Marlena M. said...

Brenda, I love your sweet card for your granddaughter (the glossy eyes are a nice touch) and that fancy toolbox card is awesome! I should pop my cards up more~it's such an effective detail! Praise God for your furnace and your precious pup that makes you smile. ;) Stay warm~

scrapqueen141 said...

I love your cards so cute! The tool one is so cool!
Blessings, Jamie

Lisa said...

Happy new year my friend!! I'm so glad you were able to fix your furnace without having to replace it!! Especially in winter!! Though, it's been such a mild one here. Today it's in the 60's!! We've had a couple of snows, but nothing really bad. Maybe two inches max. It's spoiling me and now I want spring to come :) Your cards are so beautiful!! I love the sweet bear!! The strawberry treat looks so yummy!! And the tool box is fabulous!! The tools and balloons are awesome!! Oh my gosh, Savannah is a beauty!! What a gorgeous dog!! And how awesome that she passed her training!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

jimlynn said...

Brenda, your cards are fabulous! They're all just perfect.
Not to worry about getting older - sadly it happens to everyone but as long as your young at heart, you'll be fine. My "baby" turned 40 last year! Now I AM old! Savanna is such a beautiful dog. A perfect companion for you and know after those training sessions, she' on her best behavior.

Sue said...

Hi Brenda! and Happy New Year to you and your family..gorgeous cards and so glad you got your furnace up and running!!! We have only had a sprinkling of snow we had so much more last year..and oh my the pics of Savannah are awesome!!! such a lovely girl she is lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

That teddy on the first card is super sweet and the colouring is just perfect, you have added a lot of texture with your colouring! I love the 'puffy' cream too, I'm sure your granddaughter is going to love it! Your second card is a very clever design, with those pockets to hold the tools! Savannah looks such a sweetie, so alert! I bet she gives you oodles of joy! I am so glad your heating is now sorted out, we had a run of Christmas without heating and hot water, so we had to change our boiler in the end, so I know how awful it is! I hope you're having a good weekend my friend! Hazel xx

Bonnie said...

Love that cute little bear and your granddaughter is going to love it! And the tools are amazing! I love how they fit into the tool box! Savannah is so pretty! I know she's good company for you!

scrappymo! said...

Your cards are both wonderful, Brenda. i love the toolbox and the assortment of tools. IT is so cool.
Your Grandaughters card is so adorable. Shei will love it.

You sound well connected with our family. So many kids and grandkids...that is so fabulous. Your planned supper out sounds like a lot of fun.

Take care...

Loll said...

That little bear is adorable Brenda. And the strawberries look delicious!! Great card for son #3 ... he is going to love his tool box. The balloons and banner made it so fun.

Glad you are finding some crafting time. Sounds like you've had lots of things to take care of with the house. Hopefully things settle and all will run smoothly from now on. :)

Savannah is really beautiful. I bet she's good company for you. Happy New Year! Loll xx

Anita in France said...

Good to hear you finally got the furnace sorted, Brenda ... hope you're staying cosy warm in all these low temperatures! Your cards are fabulous ... such a sweet strawberry cake with that adorable bear ... and a cool (and very tidy!) tool box ... the added balloons are so celebratory! Great photo's of Savannah ... her ears really are something! Hugs, Anita :)

Sharon said...

Love that adorable bear!!! Fabulous card for your granddaughter!! I'm sure your son prefers a non-fancy legged toolbox, but I think it works quite well!!!
Savannah has grown so much!! And she is so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing updated photos of her!!!!

Sheila H said...

Your cards are great, Brenda! Both are so creative and fun - sure to be enjoyed greatly! And I love the pictures of your dog. I have a German shepherd doggie nephew in California (not sure if I told you this before). His name is Pharoah, and I love him. We send him birthday and Christmas cards every year :)

Caroline said...

All of our families' birthdays are in the 1st six months of the year, so we have a lot of her togethers. I have decided to have one birthday dinner for the month. Your furry baby is sure growing. We just recently got a Boston Terrier puppy. She is so sweet. My favorite times are snuggle times when she finally
crashes and burns, lol.
I certainly miss you on the blog. Come back anytime!!! I love these cards. I should scraplift the toolbox one for my husband. I love the banner and balloons on the toolbox!