Monday, August 18, 2014

You Are Our Sonshine!! BBTB2 Challenge

Hello my crafty friends, here we are back at a Monday once again. And it is bittersweet for me. It was an emotionally draining week last week so part of me is glad to be in a new week and it was bittersweet for hubby and I because our youngest son left for college. Our first news was hubby had a CAT scan done on Monday to see where we are at with the cancer. We went in to get his treatment on Thursday getting the results from his doctor. Well it wasn't the results we wanted to hear! The cancer that had shrunk by half on his lung has now grown and the spot that was on the liver that was gone has been replaced by new spots. I was heartbroken!! Now he isn't in partial remission and he had to start aggressive treatments again. Which I'm fine with sitting in the treatment room with him as long as the dang cancer goes away!! I kinda' lost it out in the treatment room and our male nurse look at me and said, "This is just a hiccup, we will get him back on track". I sure hope so!! So after my 15 minutes of a pity party, I turned it back over to God and hubby's doctor. Doc told us in the beginning that hubby wasn't curable but he was treatable. I will be holding the doctor to that! lol I know God will guide doc with treatments and hopefully hubby will get back to a remission or partial remission and who knows maybe down the road there will be a cure to cancer for him. Our next emotional day was Saturday. We follow our youngest up to college and got him all unloaded and settle in his dorm apartment with his 3 other roommates. I know a lot of you have already been through this and we have been too with the 5 others leaving the nest. But somehow this time was different, actually it was the hardest with the oldest and the youngest. I don't know where the years have went but they sure flew by. I was told once that it is a long time until they are 18 years old-I have to disagree, it fly's by in a heart beat!! If someone thinks that then they don't enjoy their children. Needless to say we have texted our son quiet a few times since Saturday. This too shall pass I know, but right now it feels as though I have lost a son, which I know I haven't but it feels like it. 

Now onto something brighter!! Time to smile and share my BBTB2 card with you today. My sweet design team sister, Laura, has challenged us to use a sun on a project. Well as soon as you see my card you will know who will be getting this one! lol I used Artbooking on real dial size to cut my overlay in white. I inked it up using many distress yellow and orange inks. Then I inked a background with a few blue distress inks and stamp yellow stripes on the end and yes, I got them in to far, lol. When done I spritzed the inks with a little water to get the water spots in the ink. Then I popped up my sun layer on pop dots after stamping my sentiment. Which by the way I made by using My Creative Time alpha stamps! Put that layer on top of a black card base and called it done. No frills, just a plain card to send to our son. I hope you will go over to BBTB2 and see what inspiration my talented design team sisters have for you and then join us in using a Cricut sun on your project! Thanks for stopping by today and sittin' a spell with me, listening to me whine and all that. You are all amazing and I'm so thankful for you all!! Crafty hugs, Brenda


Brenda in IN said...

It's so hard to let the last child go off on their own. You are in my thoughts this week as you get used to the idea of an empty nest. Keep busy and I was always thinking of things to send to him at college. That way he was in my thoughts and I could call any time and that kept me from missing him too much. I also have prayers for you and hubby. I know it's not the outcome you hoped for but treatable is a good option. It sounds like the doctor is on top of things so hope for a great outcome of treatment. Your card is perfect for your son, he will love that sentiment.

Jaren said...

Brenda, I'm sorry that your week wasn't better! I will continue to pray for your husband's healing. You definitely pulled at my heart strings talking about your youngest going to college. I know it will be hear for us in the blink of an eye. As hard as it is these days, I am trying to take it all in.
I just LOVE your card so much!!

Carole Beath said...

Brenda, dear girl, I am sending you long distance hugs for the struggles. Love your card....
Hugs Hugs.

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry you had such a hard week, Brenda. I am praying for your husband and hope that the treatments work. Your card is so beautiful!! The colors are gorgeous!! Thinking of you and hope this week is a much better one. Hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

DIANA L. said...

WOW your card is amazing I just love the bold graphics and the color combo. This would be a great card to send to you son I am sure he will miss you to. On the othe note I am keeping you lifted in prayer for God to heal your husband and to keep you in perfect peace. big ((((((HUGS))))
my friend and twin.
You could enter this in my DL.ART August linky party, Have a Blessed day, DIANA L.

Anonymous said...

First, your card is fabulous. It would be a great layout with some favorite photos of your baby.
Now, the cancer. Y'all will have lots of prayers from me and lots of others. The news wasn't great but there is treatment. (thank God) If that pity party is the only one you have, then you are a super woman.
I pray your hubby does well on his treatments. (not too sick I hope)May God give you the peace and strength to handle it all.

Laura Pizz said...

I LOVE the water effect you made -- this is my favorite sun chall so far!!! Hang in there -- prayers are coming your way...hugs...~Laura

Veerle said...

Hi Brenda, Veerle here. I was the other taggee of Mary. Nice to learn more about you and now that I have visited your blog, now I know who made that cute caravan card. I have become your newest follower too. Lots of greetings from Veerle x

Carol L said...

I'm so sorry you had such a tough weekend :( The news from the doctor had to be devastating and discouraging to say the least, but you only had a 15 minute pity party and that shows how strong you really are. I probably would have caved in completely. YOu haven't lost your son - you've done a wonderful job raising him to be the kind of man you want him to be! The house will feel oddly quiet for a while, but eventually you'll realize it brings a sense of calm and serenity and spare time to spend on YOU! I love the card with the "SONshine" - very clever wording there :) Sending you warm hugs and healing wishes for your hubby and for your heart too! ((Hugs))

MaryH said...

I am so proud of you for overcoming this latest of life's hurdles. You are a very strong young lady, and your courage is going to uplift the ones in your family who need it just now. It's hard to let the children go into their own feel like you can't protect them when they leave home so much. He and you, will both be fine, I'm sure of that. And he is going to love this card. I had to look hard to see what you meant about going in too far. I LIKE this cheery & bright card, and especially liked the sentiment. So will Mr. B. You guys have so many prayers going up over this...God will hear. TFS & Big Hugs. MM

Caroline said...

I love how you made this image into a card and the sentiment is so perfect. It certainly sounds like it was a tough week for you!! So sorry hubby is having some bumps in the road and I know this is so hard for you too. May God be with you both and give you strength to deal with this and that he will be back on track with his battle. I will continue to pray for you.

Mayras Designs said...

Brenda , you are such an inspiration !!!! You are such a sweet , strong, amazing woman !!!! I shed tears as I read your post . I will continue to have you and your beautiful family in my prayers !!!

My husband looked at me like I lost it when I cried on my sons first day of school last week , my oldest is now in eighth grade and my second son is now in junior high with his older brother , time sure does fly . I agree with you 100 % . I tell my boys that we will be moving into their dorm rooms with them !!!

Your card is wonderful !!! I love the sunshine and the sentiment is perfect !!!

God Bless you my friend !!


Vickie said...

Love the sunshine card. And I know that Brett will love it.

Sharon said...

Oh Brenda!!! I am so sorry for all of the struggles ya'll are going through. But you know that God has this. We have to put on a pity party sometimes to let it all out. I have added ya'll to my prayer list.
I cried for weeks after our daughter left home. Then I got to liking it just being me and hubby. It does get easier!
Now, I totally love your card!!! The sentiment is just perfect! :)

ScrappyHorses said...

What a week for you! I'm sure all of us crafty sisters are praying for some of that beautiful sunshine to shower down on you and your family! Your card would brighten anyone's day!

moknowsall said...

my prayers go out to you and your family for healing, strength and love. I know it is hard to stay strong during this difficult time.

Great card to recognize your son, I am sure he will love it and will do very well at college.


Bonnie said...

Oh, Brenda, if anyone needs this spot of sunshine it's you. Some days just don't bear repeating! Prayers for both you and your hubby. I remember how hard it was to take our girls to college. Time heals. Turn your face to the sunshine and be warmed by God's love.

Tina Campbell said...

Super cute sunny card :) My friend prayers to you and your hubby, God is with you and will get you all through this hiccup. Your amazingly strong woman, take care of yourself too. Hugs Tina

Loll said...

Hi Brenda. It's been a very tough time for you ... sending big hugs and prayers to you all.

This card will definitely brighten your son's day :) Beautifully sponged sunrays and sky ... love the spritz of water to give it lots of texture. Loll xx

vic said...

I'm sorry your week was very emotional I'm thinking of you and your family xx
Your card is beautiful very bright and sure to put a smile on anyone's face ;)
Huge hugs
Vic xx

cm said...

Your strength, my friend, is impressive, inspiring and heart-touching. I'm joining my prayers and placing my trust alongside yours; he will weather this hiccup. This I believe. Missing your son; painful, yes, but how wonderful that you do, because it's yet more evidence of how deep your love is for him. Remember: he's not too far away, and you'll find ways to fill those 'empty' times with all sorts of things. Be sure that you embrace 'me' opportunities whenever you can. Give voice to your creativity, balance busy with relaxation, and before you know it, he'll be back home, regaling with stories of college and hunkering down to home-made meals that I know he'll totally miss! Your card: seriously, how abundantly awesome! The 'SONshine,' the pretty rays, the colour combination - a card guaranteed to bright his day, as it has mine. He'll love this..and so do I!!
Hugs and prayers winging their way to you!

Anita in France said...

Brenda, my heart goes out to you ... keeping you and DH in my thoughts and prayers as you overcome with this latest test. God is with you both. You must be so proud of your youngest, making his way in the world, even though it's hard to see him leave home for college. Just remember, he'll never really leave, he'll be in your hearts (and you both in his) forever. Your sonshine card is perfect ... let that light shine back on you too, my friend! Hugs, Anita :)

Darnell said...

Well. It's taken me a few minutes to wipe away the tears so I could type. I'm sorry that you were hit with both of these very emotional events in one week. I mean, I hate that whole kicking-a-person-when-they're-down thing; it could have been spread out a bit!

All I can say is that I find you an inspiration in the grace and strength you use in tough times. I "counselor mode" and give you sage advice because, honestly, you don't need it. You had a little pity party, but you recognize that a little one is all that's necessary and any longer doesn't do anyone any good, so you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps and accepted the situation with a "Now, what?-Where-do-we-go-from-here?" attitude. Mwah! I love you for that. Acceptance is such a sign of strength. Railing against "what is" just wastes time and zaps energy.

I only had one child, so I can't even imagine how it must be to see six of them leave the nest. You are obviously excellent parents because they have all left the nest, which is the way it's supposed to work, but it has to be really hard each time. You are so right that the time passes in a heart beat! Your card for him is PERFECT!!

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Huge hugs, Darnell

Karen said...

I so wish I could reach out and give you a big hug huni! I am so glad to hear that the doctor is on the job! Not surprised you had a mini melt down - it's so much stress to take in at once.
This is a beautiful card, love the yellow and orange - so bright and warm and the blue is a perfect sunny sky Karen x

Mollie said...

Brenda, prayers are going out to you, my friend! So sorry to hear about the news :( Hang in there, stay strong and hold on to your faith! Heavenly Father has a plan for you and you just need to keep trusting that! It's a hard battle and I commend you for your courage and strength you have for your DH!

Your card is amazing! LOVE the effect of it. It is so bright and uplifting, fabulous job!


Mollie's Motif

jimlynn said...

Brenda, this is so pretty. I love the way you did the sun rays and the water spots are wonderful. A delightful card.
Only positive thoughts all the way around! I would tell you to remain strong - but already know you will. HUGS! Lynn

Jeri said...

You're having a tough go of it lately, my friend. It is a spot of sunshine to see your card for your "sonshine". He's going to love receiving it. To know that you can still come up with beautiful cards even when you're feeling down is such an inspiration. Know that you and hubby are in my thoughts and prayers.

Scrapping Girl said...

Brenda, my heart goes out to you and your family…this news for your husband had to be so hard to hear. I hope that the aggressive treatments are able to get it back in check. Your hubby is so fortunate to have you by his side to support him on his journey. I am already dreading when my oldest will leave for college in three years…time seems to be flying by so fast and I'm not ready for my boys to be that grown up. I can only imagine when the youngest leaves the nest and they are all grown….You've had quite a week.

Love your beautiful card with the perfect saying!
Keeping your family in my prayers.

Sheila H said...

I am sending prayers your way, Brenda. Your youngest will love this card - The sentiment is wonderful.