Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Grad Invites

Hello my crafty friends, I hope this hump day finds you all getting ready for the upcoming weekend. Time is flying by and May will soon be over. How did that happen?!! And it hasn't even really heated up here yet. So unusual. But I have found that the weather has been unusual since the beginning of winter and since it was such a cold and bitter winter, I look for the summer to be on the cool side as well. Not sure it will be worth opening the pool which is my tropical oasis :-(  Might be enjoying the hot tub instead! lol 

Well as you know my baby will be graduating on the 30th of May. I can't believe it-I really can't. I can't image being kid-less. I've been a mom forever, what ever will I do without a child at home giving me a hard time?! This is gonna be hard but I know this too shall pass and I will find my niche eventually. Just not looking forward to it at all. 

Here is my "baby"- He's turned into a handsome man and I'm sure gonna miss this smiling face come Aug. And yes, that is totally mischief you see in them eyes and that smile!!

So his school colors are maroon and grey and his sports colors are red, white and blue. I used the red, white and blue for his congrats card, but for his invites I decided to go with his school colors.  I used a few My Creative Time products on this card. The "your invited to a" and "party" is from the "Let's Celebrate" stamp and die set, "graduation", "class of", and the "grad hat" came from "Follow Your Dreams" stamp set, the photo corners came from a Fiskars grad set, the "2014 comes from "Just Simply Live" stamp and die set. 

The inside of the invite-the heart is covering up our phone number. Once again the the banner is from Let's Celebrate and the grad scroll is from Follow Your Dreams and the "we're so proud" stamp is from the Fiskars stamp set.

Close up-

Well that is it, kept is pretty simple so they were easy to make. Now I just have to pray for some nice weather for graduation and for his graduation party. I hope you like his invite. I asked him if he wanted to approve of the invite and he said, "No, just sent them out." lol Typical guy! But I think he is looking forward to his party and just knowing that he is done with high school. He didn't like high school. Our other 5 boys loved high school. Bret did not, but I didn't like high school either so maybe, just maybe he is a tab bit like his mother. He looks like and acts like his dad and I can see his 5 brothers in him too. You would never know that I had anything to do with his conception. lol But I am starting to see little signs that he had a touch of me in him too. I hope to share some grad decorations and banners as I get them made. So I hope you will check back! Thanks for stopping by for a spell, gosh you know how much I love it when you do!! Thank you so very much for all the birthday wishes too! That guy up there, well he had a party for me and got me this beautiful cake. I will share more on some birthday adventures soon. Until then crafty hugs my friends! Brenda


jimlynn said...

Brenda, Bret is so handsome! I do love that smile of his too. Very nice looking young man. You'll be just fine when he leaves the nest since they always seem to pop back in from time to time anyway!
Love your invites. Great colors and a wonderful design! They're fantastic!!

Mary said...

Brenda, your son is very handsome. Trust me, it will be very quiet for awhile, but somehow we manage to find ways to fill the silence. Very nice invitation, I'm sure it will be a party to remember. Remember, kids always find their way back home. Hugs and enjoy this time with Bret. Congrats to him.

~ Jo ~ said...

WOW Bret is one handsome fellow!!!! Your invites for his grad party are absolutely stunning! Simple yet classy.... I'm sure everyone who receives one will be impressed to say the least. I know I wished you a happy birthday on facebook but Happy birthday on here too!!! Even if I am a little late!

Jayne said...

I agree Brenda...Bret is a handsome young man and Congratulations to him on Graduating.
Your invites are just perfect.
Jayne x

Anonymous said...

The grad invites came out so nice. A lot of love went into them. Your son is so cute (and handsome) I think he looks like you.

Sue said...

Oh wow Brenda he is soooooooo handsome! such a cheeky smile too LOL love your invite and I hope you all have a wonderful time at his party!! huggles Sue xxx

Brenda in IN said...

Your invitation is perfect for a guy and personalizing it is great. He is so good looking and I love that red hair. My granddaughter had red hair when she was born but it changed. It looks like he takes after you with his hair. Empty nest is hard to get used to but you are happy to see them make their way in the world.

Tina Campbell said...

Congrats to you and your hubby your life will certainly change a bit now :) (It's all good) Congrats to Bret! What a cutie he is and what a achievement. The invites look fantastic! You did an amazing job with them, hugs to you and your boy :)

Lisa said...

Bret is so handsome, Brenda!! Congratulations on his graduation!! What fabulous invites you've created!! They look awesome!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Vickie said...

HANDSOME!!!!!! dude.

Love the invites.

cm said...

Such a handsome young man your Bret is, with his warm smile, 'hint of mischief' blue eyes, and red hair. My husband has similar features, although with sprinkles of grey added, and he's rather handsome, too *grin*. Your pride in your son shines through your post, and how extraordinarily special graduation will be, as he school wasn't his favourite place to be. I can relate: I totally disliked high school, and what did I choose as a profession? Teaching...crazy irony! You'll miss him exponentially when he heads off to college, but you'll adapt. He won't be too far away, and visits will become opportunities for spoiling and pampering, and oodles of ginormous squishy hugs! You, your husband and his brothers have had such a positive influence on him that I can't imagine him wandering too far from his roots. I predict he'll make his 'home' close to 'home' in the future. You and your husband are amazing parents; it's only 'mathematically logical' that your children are amazing, too. Indeed, the birthday cake and party are evidence...Your grad invitations are "guy" perfect! A full house guaranteed for this milestone celebration; I hope you'll share photos! Hugs to you, dear friend (of the big squishy variety!) ~c

Mayras Designs said...

You have such a handsome son Brenda !!!! I can imagine how proud you must feel !!! You made the perfect graduation invitations !!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day !!

Carol L said...

What a fine-looking son you have there, and I understand your mixed feelings of suddenly finding an empty nest! The house won't feel like home for quite some time, but you'll eventually come to enjoy the peace and quiet I'm sure :) Congrats to your son for his graduation and I love the party invites! I'm sure you'll all have fun at the party :)

MaryH said...

Just caught this picture on FB, and had to find out if this handsome guy was your sweet Brett! This is a delightful picture and his expression is wonderful. He looks so much like you in his features, even if his personality may be more like his Dad's. I loved the cards you made for him. Each one was such a pretty design, and with the colors you chose, each is a real winner. I can see all the love you put into making this very special occasion for your marvelous Son. Best wishes & congratulations to Mr. Brett. TFS & Hugs

Bonnie said...

Your Brett is a very handsome young man! I know you are so proud of him! It's really hard when that last one leaves home, but they do come back. Often! Enjoy this special time!

Sheila H said...

Graduation congratulations to your handsome son! Your projects are creative and festive. Great color combos and designs :)

Caroline said...

What a handsome boy!! I can see why you are proud. Congratulations to Bret and his graduation. Your invites are fabulous!!! Hope you had a wonderful party and great weekend of good weather!!

Karen said...

Hello huni!!! I am trying to catch up with all that you have been doing - wow oh wow - these invites are fab and you are such a good mum! Hope you all had lots of fun, and am hoping to pop over a bit more frequently from now on.
He is a handsome young man and I am sure you will be able to fill your time with doing a bit more crafting lol! Happy hump day! Karen xx

D- said...

Congrats to Bret! And to you, too. I know what you mean time just flies right by and before you know it our babies are all grown up.
Hang in there.
LOVE your grad card. Thanks for sharing.
Crafty hugs,