Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pool Invite

Hi Crafty friends, this week the DT was asked to make an invitation of any kind.  I thought about this for a while and while searching my Gypsy I saw that I started to make an invitation one time for a pool party for my son, but then he decided he didn't want to have one.  So I went with that idea.  I took the sunglasses from Forever Young and welded two shadow shapes together to make a shaped card.
I used white card stock for the shadow base of my card and then cut out the top layer out of black card stock.  I would have chosen a red, pink or turquoise blue for myself-but if I ever use this for DS he won't go for any of those colors!! lol  So black it is!
I was going to do the next layer with the cut outs at the corner, but decided that it looked too girly so I just cut out the lens layer next.  I cut that layer out in pool water paper so it looked like the water was reflecting in the glass lenses. I cut out "pool party" out of the cart Street Signs and stamped "your invited" using a Paper Trey Ink stamp.  Before gluing down "pool party" I put glossy accents all over both lenses so they looked shiny like lenses should.  After it dried, I glued on "pool party" added some bling because it just needed something a little girly-ok now I won't be able to use for DS unless we use plain for the guys and blinged out for the girls. I also doodled on my font sentiment. Yeah, not a great doodler. lol

I made the invitation so it would fit into a #10 (business size) envie. Now it is ready for DS to hand deliver.  If you are going to mail I wouldn't use the bling as it would coast extra to mail it.  Isn't this a cute invite?!!  We love to have people over to BBQ and swim in the pool during the summer so what better way to send out an invite for the pool!

Sizes:  shadow base: 8.90 wide x 5.58 height
base layer: 8.73 wide x 2.82 height
lens layer: 6.02 wide x 2.82 height
Pool Party font: 1.50

Enjoy seeing all the different invites this week, I know they are all going to be awesome!!!


girlia said...

Awesome idea. I would have never thought to use shades as an invite. Very clever. Great job btw.

TerriK said...

Your invite is so cute!

The Queen (Laura) said...

So cute Brenda! Love the Glossy Accents on the lenses, and especially the bling! Great job my friend!

Shawnee said...

I love this!! You did an amazing job on this, my friend. I love the lettering and how it looks just like glasses. :) Well done!