Saturday, October 1, 2011

Football Birthday Card

DS number 5 had a birthday.  We celebrate his birthday tonight even though it was last Thursday, this is the first he has been home from college, so tonight it is.  He is a football fan and loves the Ravens, so I used purple in the card.  All cuts are from Sports Mania.  The field I designed using the Gypsy to unlock the ratio chain so I could make it 5 1/4 x 4.  Then cut my football guy with his shadow, mounted him on pop dots and stuck him down.  Did my inside, nothing fancy there.  Made it a twisted easel card because DS number 1 loved his, so thought I would make all the guys one for their birthdays. Only 4 more to go. LOL


The Queen said...

Love it Brenda! Great job on the field. Hope you guys had an awesome party! Awesome card!

Brenda said...

Thanks Laura! The field was easy to do with the Gypsy, so love my Gypsy! LOL I wanted to do more with the inside, but I was in a hurry to finish it because we didn't know for sure if DS was coming home this weekend. LOL But he loved it anyway, so all is good. Have a wonderful Sunday my friend!

Shawnee said...

Beautiful!! Great job and awesome card!