Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wedding Favors

Hello my crafty friends, I'm back as promised with the other wedding favors I made for my friend. If you remember, I made these favors here first. I made 61 of them. Then my friend asked for me to make some more favors as she wanted to give the adults some candy and she wanted something for the grandchildren to put candy in. She wanted to do more for the grands and asked me what she could do. I said get them a gift card to McDonald's since just about all kids love going there, so that is what she did. 

So for the grandkids, I did shopping bags for the girls with candy and the gift card and for the boys I did pillow boxes with candy and their gift cards. I placed a doily and a rosette on each favor with the wedding couples last name initial. I used the wedding colors of navy blue and white alternating the colors. And some cheap ribbon from AC Moore. 

For the adults I used a milk cartoon die. Filled with candy and stapled shut, I placed a bow over the staple and also added a "thank you" label.

 The restaurant wanted some name cards for the tables since my friend was having wine at each table, she later nixed that idea but I had the cards already done. I used my Cricut to cut out the cards and write the names on them. Then I stamped the blue stripes on them. I was glad when these were all done as my friend sprung wanting more favors on me two weeks before the wedding! But I think they are simple, but elegant. The restaurant loved them and wanted to know where she got them from. She told them and they told her to tell me that they could keep me in a job since they do so many weddings and that is one question the wedding couple ask about and want to know where to get the favors from. I will need to check angel policies first before I accept this "job", which would be perfect for me since I would be able to work from home. But I have to make sure I am legal first! 

As always thanks for stopping by and visiting a spell. Your comments always bring sunshine to my cloudy days and I thank you for them. The weather has cooled off and is lovely most of the time. We are supposed to get some rain which we so need!!! I will end this with a picture of Savannah, she is really growing fast, already 31 1/2 lbs and is 4 months old. As you can see she is just beautiful and I'm already so fond of her. She is a momma's girl like Pockets and stays by my side to protect me. She doesn't like it when I get out of her sight at all! Of course I'm all she had until Bret comes home. lol And yes she will grow into those ears!!!! lol

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:
shopping bag, milk carton, thank you label and stamp-My Creative Time
pillow boxes, name cards-Cricut


Sharon said...

WOW!!!! These are most fabulous Brenda!!! I love them all!! And what an awesome job for you to have!! Hope it all works out for you. Can't beat working from home and doing what you love!!!!
Savannah is just beautiful!!! :)

kiwimeskreations said...

What beautiful favours Brenda - that would be an amazing opportunity, if it comes to pass. Love your pup - she's gorgeous!!

Bonnie said...

These definitely are classy and elegant, Brenda! I hope it works out for you as it will be the perfect job and will help others out too. Savannah is beautiful. Her ears make her look very alert!

Veerle said...

Wow Brenda your wedding favors look gorgeous. So much time you spent on them.
And, Savannah.... she looks so pretty and lovely. I am so happy for you she has become a good companion. Big hug, Veerle xxx

jimlynn said...

WHOA!!!!! ALL of these are super fabulous! I mean ALL of them! How wonderful to think of having a job doing that too. I love each and every one of these Brenda! WOW! You just made a wedding more beautiful.
Of course Savanna stole the show here too. What a cutie. Give her a sniff from Rambo.

Marilyn said...

WOW!! Love those wedding favors!! Good luck with the job. Hope it all works out for you

Carol L said...

Everything looks so stunning with those great designs on your treat packages! I love each and every one, and how awesome would it be to have a job like you've been offered?! WOW! You go girl! Savannah is one awesome looking German Shepherd! She's clearly attentive and looks so beautiful! She will definitely grow into those big ears, but wait! They're better to hear with! Any intruder wouldn't want to stare into those eyes in the middle of the night now, would they? LOL

Leslie said...

Brenda, those are beautiful!!! LOVE the colors and the design!! Just gorgeous!! I am sure your friend was thrilled with these. And the dog is growing and so cute!! xo

Darnell said...

Brenda, your friends were a lucky bride and groom to have you make them these very special and exquisite wedding favors for the guests! You did an incredible amount of work and fabulous designs! I can understand why the restaurant wants to hire you! Thank you for sharing the handsome photo of Savannah! I know handsome isn't usually a word for a girl dog, but she is one very handsome German Shepherd. It is super fun to see her now when she is too little for her big girl ears, lol!! Love and hugs, Auntie

Anonymous said...

Hi there, dear clever friend, why those favours are truly works of art, you're s clever and imaginative to think of them like that... Great use of dies too, and stamps. I pray all goes well for your little job from home.
And wow, Savannah is one big girl isn't she, love her alert look, ears pricked wondering what you're up to, taking photos etc...
I think she's gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing and God bless you,
Shaz in Oz.x

Jo Williams Independent Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

Oh wow Brenda these are all gorgeous!!!! Absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job... I do hope that you are legal and everything works out for you. Every extra penny coming in helps! And your precious dog is so cute!!! I LOVE german shepherds... I grew up with them... and my daughter wants me to get one so bad but I'm so afraid because of the shedding... they shed so much and I am not well enough to keep up with it lol. But she is precious!

cm said...

Classy, elegant, sophisticated, gorgeous...your wedding favours are than and more! Love the combination of MCT products (and I see a couple items I need to add to my list, like the doilies...). WOW, my friend, just out-and-out WOW! Your Savannah: oh my goodness! What a beautiful young lady she's becoming! Precious! Love her ears and especially love that she's made clear YOU are HER person! Cute and heart-warming! You've made my day sparkle with this post...absolutely radiantly sparkle!

Sue said...

These favors are stunning Brenda!! absolutely gorgeous...I'm sorry I haven't been commenting in a long while but health issues have gotten in the way. I'm loving the picture of your pooch and those ears!!!! lol so cute..lots of huggles Sue xxx

Tina Campbell said...

Oh WOW are they gorgeous :) Amazing creations you did for the weeding and such a great idea too. I hope this works out for you it would be a fantastic job. Oh isn't she growing up nicely too :) Well I think we maybe caught up on rain here :) Always rains during Bloomsburg fair week :) I'm ready for a bit of sun though :)Hugs and prayers for this new adventure for you my friend, Tina

MaryH said...

Oh my goodness! You were busy with 61 of these little favors. Each one is so pretty, and I love the color scheme. Your friend is so lucky you are crafty, and WILLING to do all the labor involved in such a project. I know she was so pleased at how lovely these turned out, ditto on the place cards too! Good for you! TFS & Hugs

Anita in France said...

Fabulous favours, Brenda ... so crisp and striking ... I'm not surprised you were asked about doing more in the future ... congratulations! Sorry to be so late coming to comment ... I'm just catching up! Hugs, Anita :)