Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flat Back Treat Box

Hi my crafty friends, Brenda here with our newest challenge at Sweet Sassy Diva.   For this week we are show casing projects that have to do with Autumn.  I have a cute little box that can be used for many things.  One being on the Thanksgiving table as name boxes.  My box is called a "Flat Back Treat Box" and it is adorable! You can find a video link here.  Here is how you are going to make it:

You want to start out with a 7 x 9 piece cardstock, color of your choice.

Then you are going to score on the 9" side at 1", 2", 3", 4" and 5".  Turn and score on the 7" side at 1/2", 3/4", 1 1/2", 5 1/2", 6 1/4", and 6 1/2".  Here what yours should look like:

Now that you have all your score marks, you will need to cut off everywhere there is black marker:

Your cardstock base should like just like mine now:

Are you with me so far??  Now you are ready to assemble and decorate in whatever way you wish.  I do have one thing that I'm not sure of though, so maybe you will be able to figure it out cause I can't seem to.  This little 1/4" score line, I have no clue why that is there-it is on both sides of the 7" side.  I haven't found any use for it in any way. I know it is going to be a reason so simple that I'm going to go "Duh Brenda!". lol  So if you figure it out would you please let me know.  It's really bugging me! lol

Here is what my finished project looks like and boy did I have a hard time photographing these papers!  Just put in whatever kind of treat you would like, it has to be something small though, like kisses or nuggets, etc.  Wouldn't these look so cute with Pilgrims on them and then the person's name on the box part sitting on your dinner plates at Thanksgiving?!!

I hope the design team of Sweet Sassy Diva has inspired you to get a little crafty!  Happy Crafting my friends!!!


Suzanne cricutcraftingrammyblogspot.com said...

Such a cute box and great tutorial Brenda. I love the little blue bird. The blue really pops against the Fall colors and love how the Fabulous Fall sticks up. May have to scraplift this one.

Annette said...

Great Idea Brenda. Love it. going to copy these directions!

Migdalia said...

Super Cute Idea!!I must try this!!TFS!!Love it!

Sarn said...

This is such a great little box/present. Might have to have a go at making it!

Sarn xxx

TerriK said...

Love the box, Brenda!

The Queen (Laura) said...

This is fabulous! I have the recipe for this but sadly I haven't made one yet. Now I know I need to make a few. The bird is so cute! Great job my friend!