Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update on Chris

Here is an update on Chris from my friend, Pat.  Chris is her nephew.  She talked to her sister and this is what she said:

I spoke with my sister tonight. They went back to Geisinger around 3:30. Chris was still running a low grade fever and his blood counts were very low so they wanted them back to monitor him. He'll be there at least 48 hrs. They are hoping to do a blood transfusion tomorrow and give him antibiotics. Hope all this works. Tough on the family to have to leave the 17 yr. old and the dog with my dad.

I told Mary Kay that you sent over a bag of crafts - she said to thank you very much. She also mentioned that Chris opened about 10 cards today - thanks for your help in getting those cards sent to him. He does enjoy getting them, and he appreciates the time and effort that goes into making them. I know they always like the cards I send them.

Take care. I'll keep you informed. Thanks again! Pat
So as you can see he is enjoying his cards very much!  Thank you ladies so much for doing this for him!!!
Crafting Hugs, Brenda

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Thanks for keeping us updated.