Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Some Easter Cards

Hello crafty friends, I hope your week has been going well. Not much happening around here. Doctor put me back on my Lupus meds as my numbers were high. Proteins a little high in my urine as well, but we are just going to keep an eye on that for now. Vitamin D is low too, that surprised me, so will be doing meds for that once a week. So considering I've been managing without the Lupus meds for 6 1/2 years, I figured it could have been way worse. So I'm thankful I managed as well as I have. My Doctor was surprised that I managed as well as I did too. But sometimes, that is your only choice and you just survive as best as you can.

I have some Easter cards to share today. I got a few made and sent out before Easter. I hope you all had a great Easter, we did here. 

My first card I saw on Pinterest, I didn't have the dies they used, so I went to my Cricut Machine and Design Space to get my cuts of a cross and palm leaves. The oval and sentiment strip are from dies I have. Hard to see, but I also used an embossing folder for the background mat. I cut many crosses, stacking about three on top of each other and then placing the wood grain paper cross on top. Inked my palm leaves with DOI's. I am pleased with how this card came out, similar to the one on Pinterest, but different a bit too.

I used my left one of the over die cut piece to stencil a palm leaf inside my card. 

Same with this card, saw it on Pinterest. Same as the first card, I didn't have any bunny dies, so went to my Cricut and Design Space to do some print and cut bunnies. Couldn't find any pattern paper to use, so thus why I picked some patterns and did the print and cut. I need to calibrate my machine though! Die cut my squares, placing my bunnies on them. Added some sequins, don't think the one on Pinterest had sequins. So again, similar, but different. 

This card uses snippets and a little washi flower die cut that a sweet friend sent me a bunch of. Thank you sweet friend, you know who you are! Simple, layered, but sweet I thought. I followed a sketch from Cardz TV.

Another sweet friend sent me this little bunny, two of them actually. Thank you sweet friend, you know who you are too! I used all snippets on this one too as well as following another Cardz TV sketch. The purple piece is an alcohol piece I found in my background stash. The wreath was cut using a friend's SU die and I used Brusho's on it. I did many of the wreaths that day we got together, which was quite a while ago! So I just have them in my bits and bob box to use. 

The sweet friend who gave me the sweet bunnies, also gave me the piece of wood that I've hoarded for quite a while. But figured it wasn't doing anyone any good by keeping it in my stash and so I finally used it. I have a tiny square piece left to use yet. Again, thank you sweet know who you are. 

And that is it! Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me a spell, I know it is busy for everyone. Mowing is keeping me busy as well, although I wish the weather would just stay warm. The next three days is supposed to feel like winter with some areas higher up maybe seeing some snow.  We will see rain with maybe a snowflake or two...what's new there?!What the heck, it is almost May?!!! Anyway, your comments always bring sunshine and joy to my days and I thank you for taking the time to leave one. If I haven't been by to see you, I will be soon. 

Crafty hugs, 

Card Recipe:

My Creative Time
Stamping Up
Maymay Made It
Distress Oxide Inks
Alcohol Inks


  1. Beautiful cards! I especially love your first card! It is gorgeous
    Heva great day!

  2. I hope your numbers get back on track now that you have resumed your medication. Take care of yourself! Your Easter cards are terrific. I always love what you do with your Cricut. The cross and palm leaves is a beautiful card, and the rest are too. Of course, I love the bunnies and want to CAS that card. They are adorable. The others are great designs with such festive paper.

  3. A wonderful selection of Easter cards, Brenda. They’re all so different, but every one a beauty. xx

  4. Beautiful Easter cards, Brenda! I especially love the cross with the palm branches!

  5. Your Easter designs are all terrific, Brenda! I love that you get inspiration from different sources and then give each design your own spin using great gifts from great friends! I'm sorry that you are having to go back on meds for your Lupus, but you've done fantastically well for several years. I know you can bring things back into normal ranges again if you stick to the program. Take care and good luck! Love, Auntie

  6. Hi dear Brenda... wow blogger is making it harder and harder to comment. Am on mobile, niw mobile site wont open up comment box, so had to try desktop which is huge on teeny s reen. That being said it hopefully will publish!
    Wow, you'll find this odd but I don't believe Ive ever made an Easter card. You dont send them here as a rule. Though do have friend who does.
    Love your cards especially the first ones. I dont like bunnie on the as its not aboutvthe bunny but about the Lamb of God Who came to take away the sins of the world

    I do love how you don't let it beat you when something doesn't work but try another way... thats a true crafter... and use up donated goodies. Youre good at that too. Well done on all your shares.
    Vit D is very commonly low, most people dont know they're low.
    Its very very important for immunity resistance.

    In Israel a study was done on every hospitalised covid patient was kow in Vit D. I taje it every single day 4,000IU, which is more than recommended, and my D levels are just in mid range of normal. Most dont take enough.
    And it take the body a long time to build up to regular level. If under infection need to dohbke d8se to fight infection. This is all on a video here by two medical Drs.
    Anyway I'd beyter stop writing a book.😆🤣🤣❤🙏

    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless you and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  7. PS Oh and Brenda I also meant to say how thrilled I am re lupus meds.. anx that in God's mercy whay a blessing it is how well you've been kept in spite of not being on thst is really a miracle.. coincidence my furend says is God's way of remaining anonymous.
    Praying on for you each day.. ❤❤🙏

  8. Brenda your Easter cards were undoubtedly loved by those who received them - who needs/eats Peeps anyway? - each one is a charmer!
    I am so happy you are back on your meds, and hope your doctor wasn't too cross with you.
    Getting out in the sunshine will help all that ails us, right? I have a little today for which I'm so grateful!

  9. OH! Brenda, I'm so pleased you have your Meds now, I hope they will make things easier for you. As for your thinking of casing a card on the Cricut, good for you, the cards are gorgeous, love you did embossing on the cross and the palm leaf inside. Your bunny card with the Cricut is lovely too, you used such pretty colours for it. As for your other Easter and bunnies cards, they are wonderful, such super colours and designs.
    The weather is the same here, it's supposed to be warming up by now, although we are having a lovely days and then really cold. Sumfin goin' on methinks! :)
    Keep well
    Faith x

  10. All the cards are terrific, Brenda! My favorite one is the first one of the cross- so beautifully designed. Love the spring colors and mix of papers on all of these. Also love that you were able to use scraps that you had. You sure have been productive.

  11. Well done you with manging you condition for so long but sorry to hear your on medication x. Your Easter cards are beautiful and great work with the cutting machine x. Good idea to use the cutting of the palm for a stencil and how nice of your friends to send you some crafty goodies Brenda x. Take care of yourself x.

  12. A lovely selection of cards Brenda. Sorry to hear you have to go back on meds. Take care.xx

  13. Lovely Easter cards Brenda. It's always great to find inspiration in cards made by others. Adding your own spin makes them unique to you! Those bunnies are adorable ... I especially love the cross with palms. Sorry to hear you have to go back on meds, but happy that you will get everything under control soon and hope that makes you feel better. Love, Loll

  14. I don't know how I missed this post from you, but clearly I'm way late in visiting! I've been thinking of you often lately and decided to see what you've been up to and saw this post from April! I'm so sorry I somehow missed it! But what a wonderful array of cards you made! I adore that first card with the cross and treasure it because it's just beautiful and captures the whole idea of Easter! I love all the other cards with those wonderful papers and colorful bunnies too! It's great to see you using your stash (something I'm trying to do more often) and making such great cards! Sorry you had to go back on your meds again, but hopefully it won't be long term and you'll find your way back to feeling well again! Know you've been in my thoughts and prayers and I'm glad you had a happy Easter too! The warm up is just around the corner now, yay! Take care and big hugs!

  15. Thank you for the comment on my blog. Try going into the comments on the editing page on your blog. Click on ‘All’ and it will show you if there are any comment in your spam. That’s where loads of mine went and I didn’t realise until recently. xx

  16. Love all your Beautiful Easter cards! This year I only made one card! (for my daughter) Sorry it's taken me this long to come visit your blog been a busy time of year. Take care, and keep safe, and sending happy thoughts your way... Blessings, Jill

  17. Inspiration is the mother of invention, and crafting. You were really inspired with these cards in a special way. They are all wonderfully done and unique.

    Doctors are not my favorite thing but it is necessary. I am on a 6 month schedule to keep my meds up to date and in line. Keeping you in prayer.

    Love, Hugs and blessings,

  18. Love the different arrangements and pastels used on these cards. Any one of them will be welcomed on an Easter filled with joy.

    Hugs an Blessings,

  19. These are all such lovely cards. I thought I had commented on this card before... but I am having trouble commenting on blogs. So I am trying again to see if a previous try to comment didn't post...

  20. What a great collection of Easter goodies, Brenda and all so different! I love that you are able to see a card and then create something similar with your Cricut. It opens up a world of creativity without taking up tons of space.
    I hope you get on okay with your new meds - they can take a bit of getting used to!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
    Carol x


Thank you for your comments. I enjoy reading each and everyone of them and love when you stop by to visit me for a spell. I will be stopping by shortly to visit you too. I so appreciate you! Crafty hugs, Brenda