Monday, April 11, 2022

Some Cards and What I've Been Up To

Well, it's been a while again. I sure hope you all have been doing well and are getting nice weather. We are still back and forth with our weather and lots of storms and rain. This week has some rain in it, but it is supposed to be much warmer! 

So much going on, so many sympathy cards have been going out the door as well. I am hoping that is over with, having two go out today alone. But I have been making cards and such. So will start with these few. 

To catch you up on what's going on with Bret....the poor guy isn't buying his house now. He thought at first he was going to have to move quickly in March. As he was getting his loan all together with the bank, they found out that the property was zone as commercial use. The guy selling the house didn't know about it, and of course Bret didn't know about it. The bank wanted an additional $25,000 in closing costs on top of the regular closing cost and the township will not guarantee him that he can rebuild in case of a fire. So he isn't buying it of course, but the guy needs to sell it because of having to pay back his grandparents for the money loaned to buy his newer home. So Bret was scrambling looking at homes and such. But as it turned out, he can stay where he is at and just rent as the business, Superior Home's, beside him is buying the property and wants Bret to stay and rent. So for now, he will just rent the house and can take his time looking for a home to buy. We both look at it as everything happens for a reason and when one door closes, another one will open.

I have kept busying dog sitting for Bret as he has been traveling a good bit. I am also taking care of lots of testing that I haven't had done for years since Dwayne passed since I have health care once again. And of course that mean seeing a rheumatologist and running lots of blood testing. Will be seeing her this week for go over all the testing and the "flagged" tests.  

So here are my cards, most sympathy cards went out as Mass cards, but this one I made. Had two others, but forgot to take a photo of them! And of course, birthday cards. They are always going out the door. Had a friend over to make cards, so I decided to have a play with a NBUS stencil. It was fun and though not perfectly lined up, I'm still pleased with the results of that play and the cards made with the stencil. 

This sympathy card was made using the Ukraine flag colors. After all was said and done, I had wished I picked a less "cluttered" design on the front. It was cut out in removeable vinyl scraps.  

A birthday card for my brother, again, the happy birthday was cut out using vinyl scraps that I'm trying to get used up. One birthday card got mailed and I forgot to take a photo of it, it was a beautiful teal and gray color with a stamped silhouette of Queen Anne's Lace and a birthday sentiment cut out in vinyl. 

Another birthday card, you guessed it, the sentiment design was cut out in vinyl scraps.

A birthday card for my nephew, I saw this design on Pinterest and so got out my Cricut and stamps to make it my own. The sentiment is print and cut. I thought it looks young and hip. lol 

Was invited to use a ticket (the owner couldn't use because they were sick) to go see the Celtic Angels. Was a fabulous show of Celtic singing and dancing. 

A last season snow-many of us saw that! 

And last but not least, a beautiful double rainbow after a storm. It was just so beautiful (photo doesn't do it justice!) and seemed like it touched the ground on either side of it. And no, I didn't go looking for that pot of gold. lol 

As always, I appreciate the time you take from your busy schedule to come and see what I've been up to. Your comments always bring me joy and I feel honored that you leave them for me. I am behind on commenting, but am trying to get some caught up on, so hopefully I will be by to visit you soon as well. 

Crafty hugs,

Card Recipe:

Design Space
Altenew stencil
Distress Oxide Inks


  1. SO much news, great in a way for Bret, at least he can rent while searching for the perfect home for him. Sad about the passings, but I love the sympathy card in the Ukraine colours, I think we all know what it means now, so it's perfect for a sympathy card. Your birthday cards are wonderful, I really must get out the vinyl and add it to cards again. It's so effective. A great HB2U card, love the rainbow colours, which brings me on to the double amazing rainbow, how lucky to see it so clearly, I'm always in awe when I see a rainbow, single or double :) I hope you have had the last of the snow, we are still getting frosts, which have nearly decimated my hydrangeas. Although I know they will come back. I know you will have had a great night with the Irish Celtic night. Lots of hand clapping and stamping of feet?
    Faith x

  2. What an interesting post and love the cards! You really do work magic with your Cricut and LOVE that you did these out of vinyl scraps. They must have a wonderful feel to them. Great designs!

  3. I love the way you've used every bit of your scraps in such a fun way, Brenda! Every card is a charmer that I'm betting will be much appreciated!
    Yes, that weather looks just like what the cat dragged into our neighborhood - ugh. But I didn't see any rainbows - a double? What a wonderful treat!
    So sorry about Brett's home - but at least he gets to stay and enjoy his hard work! He might look at this as 'practice!'

  4. A beautiful selection of cards, Brenda. It's a shame that Bret won't be buying the house after all, but as you say, sometimes things happen for a reason. The Celtic show sounds amazing, I would have loved to have been there. My younger brother married an Irish girl and their evening reception was full of Celtic singing and dancing. Thanks for sharing the amazing photo of the rainbow. xx

  5. Great cards, Brenda! It's good to hear you are doing fine and everything worked out okay for Bret. Hope your Dr appointments turn bring good news. The weather is crazy everywhere!

  6. It's so good to see a post from you again after so long. I knew you were busy with Bret moving and all that entails, but what a fiasco in the buying of his house! I thought realtors would know those facts before they sell property, but what a letdown for Bret! I hope it all works out for the best though and maybe that big rainbow was a sign for better things to come! What a beautiful photo! Sometimes it's hard to stay focused when so much goes so wrong, but hopefully he will be guided to a better home in the long run.
    Your cards are all so unique and pretty and I love how you use vinyl with your cricut. Great designs, and yes - the beginning of the year is filled with sympathy cards for me too. It's just been a very difficult year for losses and hopefully the rest of the year will be less stressful. Take good care of yourself and you're always in my thoughts and prayers!

  7. You have been busy Brenda. There’s been a few sympathy cards going out here too, I suppose I’m at the age where I have to expect that! Some lovely cards and what a beautiful rainbow!

  8. Thank you for the catch up Brenda. Sorry about Bret and his home but I believe too that everything is for a reason. Fabulous collection of creative cards, love the stencilling and yes the card for your nephew is young and hip x. Glad you enjoyed the Celtic show and sorry you didn't find the pot of x. Take care of yourself and hope the health issues and results go well x.

  9. Great to see you again Brenda - isn't buying and selling real estate stressful, and with lots of unexpected results at times, and not all of them welcome!!
    Your cards look amazing!! You have been busy!
    All the best results from you medical tests

  10. Hi Brenda nice to see your post..your cards are gorgeous and looks like it was a fabulous show I love anything Celtic dancing or singing..we went to see 25 yrs celebration of Riverdance a few month ago and it was amazing. Take care and lots of hugs xxx Sue xxx

  11. Hi dear Brenda I’m beginning to realise how far I’ve been behind when. See have two posts from you not commented on my time evaporates as been unwell and zero time it seems for emails, as yours still come in but didn’t open them. Read back great cards, think I’ve that stencil unused too. Along with a host of things. sorry for much ado with Brett’s house but at least it will sort itself out in long run.
    Nothing happens by accident .. God is in control praise Him for that!
    Praying God’s blessing upon you and yours as we remember the greatest gift of all, our Jesus gave His life blood for our salvation by faith in Him, for today He arise to live for evermore!
    … almost two thousand years ago.
    A blink in God’s time but very long in ours.
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x 🙏🤗❤️

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  12. You've made some lovely cards here, Brenda.
    Hope things work out for Bret.
    Love the photos that you posted. thanks for sharing!

  13. Great cards Brenda. I have a habit of forgetting to photograph my creations too. I often forget to mark down where the images come from as well. Old age I guess. Smile. Love the photos. especially the double rainbow. They don't always photograph well. Yours is spectacular. Hope all works out well for bret.

    LOove, Hugs and Blessings,


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