Thursday, June 16, 2022

S'more Please

Hello my crafty friends, I hope you are staying cool as so many are in some hot areas. We get hot, then cool down 20 to 25 degrees. So I can't complain! Plus it is nice to not have the AC running 24/7 all summer long. Of course I guess it isn't quite summer yet. My back is doing much better and I'm back to mowing the grass...slowly. With the cost of gas, I needed to be back at it as Bret is three towns (20 min) over from me so it was a lot of running on him. Although he is in town often, still made me feel guilty with all the running he was doing. But so thankful for him!

I have a birthday gift that I made to share today. My late husband's cousin loves chocolate and I do mean LOVES chocolate! She also loves S'mores. So I made her a caddy to carry her "supplies" out to the fire pit. I did a stencil with my Cricut and painted it on, then sanded to distress it as you know it will get bunged up and dirty as it is toted around. So I thought it would be better distressed as you wouldn't notice as much. I tucked in all the S'mores makings, extra chocolate because she babysits Monday through Friday and could use some chocolate on some challenging days, some cute kitchen towels and a red/white and blue beaded garland. It was well received thankfully!

Here is the front side with her name on it. Filled of course.

                      Other side of the tote/tool box.          

Each side looks like this. 

As always thank you for stopping by to visit with me for a spell because I know how busy everyone is. I always enjoy your company as you always bring much joy and sunshine to my life. If I haven't been by to visit, I will be soon. 

Crafty Hugs,

Card Recipe:

S'mores Station-Design Bundles
Side Image-Cricut Design Space
Name Font-Arthein, either from Font Bundles or Creative Fabrica
Stencil material-Amazon
Tool Box tote-Target-I ordered online and they come pre-painted white
Black Paint-Folk Art Chalk Paint


  1. What a fabulous gift Brenda! So glad to hear your health is improving and your back is a lot better lots of hugs Sue x

  2. Smiles are smores. Fun gift and great artwork.

    Happy to hear you are better.

    Love, Hugs and Blessings,

  3. You have a special knack for making great gifts for your friends and family! This is the perfect little treat for a chocolate lover and I love that you personalized it with her name! Great thinking, great gifting too, and you're a great friend to do this! I'm gonna go get my fireside chair and pull it up to the fire pit and cook myself a big ole smore now! *in my dreams* LOL Fun post!

  4. What a fabulous gift Brenda - so practical as well as personal - I can understand the babysitting being challenging - just lets say I could have taken to the chocolate this afternoon...

  5. Love this, Brenda. What a brilliant idea for a present! xx

  6. I'm betting Darlene just loved your special gift - anything chocolate is a welcomed gift, sounds like!
    You have such a talent, Brenda! I'm so glad you're doing better - now that it's pool time, the swimming might be just what the doctor ordered!

  7. It's great your back is better and you are getting around. Bret is so good to you but I understand the high gas prices! This is such an awesome gift and so perfect for her.

  8. You are just amazing Brenda and what a thoughtful and fun gift, that will be used often, I'm sure. Good to hear you are out mowing the grass, even if it is slowly. We are supposed to be in a mini heatwave, yesterday was lovely so was this morning, this afternoon the clouds have come in temperature has dropped, and it looks like rain! That's Wales for you hahaha.
    Take care.
    Faith x

  9. Happy your back is feeling better. Your gift to Darlene is so precious ... especially for a chocolate lover. :) You are so clever at designing just the perfect gifts! xx

  10. Oh, how cute is this! Of course she liked it, Brenda! Glad your back is doing better.

  11. What a wonderful, creative gift you made! This is fabulous, Brenda! Did you make the carrier too? How cool is that! Who wouldn't love to get something like this! How imaginative!

  12. Cute gift idea! I should do this for my sister
    Have a great day!

  13. Hi Brenda, I'm just catching up on visiting after a busy time, and I just love this creative gift. It's such a great idea because it can be adapted to different types of gifts and I'm sure the recipient was delighted with it.
    I'm pleased to hear your back is getting better - these things take much longer than we'd like as we get older, don't they!
    Take care.
    Carol x

  14. Cute gift idea! I would love to received a gift like this. Yes! I am a big chocolate4 lover. I have several food allergies...Hope I never get allergic to chocolate! (my very favorite food!


Thank you for your comments. I enjoy reading each and everyone of them and love when you stop by to visit me for a spell. I will be stopping by shortly to visit you too. I so appreciate you! Crafty hugs, Brenda